Long time no see! I swear I missed blogging.  The last three months have been stressful, graduate school is keeping me occupied.  Last semester chewed me up and spit me out! Of course graduate school isn’t suppose to be easy but damn the struggle was real.  After the semester ended I took these last three weeks to relax.  I really enjoyed not having anything to do at all.

I didn’t want to leave 2014 without giving you guys a little something.  These collective outfit posts are usually popular, all of these are from the summer.  I probably should be working on a recap of 2014, let me know if you guys want one.  If not then we are gonna move on into 2015.  See you guys on the other side.  Happy New Year!


 | Dress – Express | Shoes – Just Fab |

| Romper – Forever 21 | Purse – Foley & Corrina | Sandals – Zara |

| Dress – Victoria’s Secret | Blazer – H&M | Clutch – Forever 21 |


  1. Hi Shea Happy New year 2015!
    If I vote for the recap of 2014.
    Gorgeous, gorgeus looks love it.
    Miss you but it is first school.
    It is difficult to work and study,
    my father told me, to not work
    because I was going to leave the
    study for the money… I finished agronomist,
    and two graduate programs. U are the champion!
    Kiss 4r U!

  2. Happy New Year!!!!! Love all looks!! So glad you posted the romper! You look fab in it. Didn't look fab on me. I end up sending back. ?? you rocked it! Now I'm mad!??

  3. Happy New Year Girlfriend! Sometimes you have to take a little time for yourself…nothing wrong with that! I hope the next semester treats you a little better. In any event,, I'm still a loyal follower of your blog. Take care!

  4. You better work them thighs baby!! Love all of your outfit choices.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for 2015!!

  5. Absolutely smitten with your hair!! I wish someone in Seattle could recreate that for me. Enjoy the rest of your breather in between semesters.

  6. Hey friend, I knew you were resting because we didn't have out usually daily text chats (insert major sad face). But I get it I've done school 3 times all while parenting and the stress is insane! Take care of yourself. You know I'm always rooting for your cprofessional looks but your weekend looks always keep me on my toes. You can do any style. Looking forward to 2015 ?

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