| Peplum – Forever 21 | Skirt – ASOS  | Pumps – BCBG | Purse – Ralph Lauren  |

 I have been wanting to try a peplum and midi skirt together for awhile but I think I missed the mark on this outfit.  I loved how it looked in person, but after reviewing these pictures I have concluded the following: my skirt should have been a little shorter and fuller.  I think having a fuller skirt would have added a nice dramatic effect and a shorter hem would have made me appear taller.  I do love the pink and leopard which adds a little something to the simple black and white.

So what do you guys think? Does this outfit need to be worked or do you love it as is?


  1. I like the color combination of this, but a midi skirt I don't think would go well either, since the flare of the top is what so great about the peplum. A pencil skirt would have made this outfit just pop :). I'm still learning the do's and don't of fashion, so please don't take my words to heart lol.

    Kreyola Jounerys

  2. I actually think it looks great! I would never think to put peplum with a midi skirt like this. Usually i would do peplum and a pencil skirt but I think you rocked this!

  3. it's a hit – to me it's a graduated peplum look and i like it. now your body language doesn't own the outfit and that may be why you think its a miss. but i like it.

  4. Definitely a HIT!!!! You never miss. I'm too self-conscious to wear a peplum top / dress, but the style is great! Love the pop of color (pink), and leopard shoes are my fave!!! 🙂

  5. ehhh it's a cute outfit. Peplums were originally kinda made for pencil skirts but you are entitled to switch it up as long as it still looks good

  6. I like the idea of it being a graduated look. I wasn't too sure about it and when the photographer commented I looked like and old lady it threw me off, lol.

  7. How about the only thing I'm going to try this look Sunday. I'm always inspired to try something new and if it doesn't work I can do it over the next blogspost. You know how we do! I don't do belts a lot so I probably would have added a statement necklace but I also know you and you aren't a fan of a lot of baubles.

  8. Thanks for mentioning me in the post! I'm always excited to see what you find. I think we should hit up a few spots together soon when there's a long weekend. Please wear that red and black wrap dress again soon!

  9. This is one of my favorite looks by you. I ironed this dress a week ago to wear and didn't. Totally forgot that I was going to bite off you and style it with these sandals instead of my animal print ones. I'll line this look up for next week at work. I'll giver you a bold lip instead of a belt. Cool?

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