I love maxi dresses and I own quite a few so it only makes sense for me to work them into my work wardrobe.  In most cases maxi dresses are not office appropriate unless it’s casual Friday or your office dress code is casual.  I personally think that wearing a blazer over anything just about makes it business casual approved.  Ok, maybe not everything but I do love pairing a long flowy maxi dress with a fitted blazer.

 | Dress – Old Nay (old) | Blazer – Macy’s (old) | Purse – LV Speedy 35 |

I must say that Old Navy is winning when it comes to maxi dresses, so far they are two-for-two with me.  This dress is sassy enough to be worn on the weekends but polished enough to make an appearance at work.  How to do you guys rock maxi dresses to work?


  1. You look great as always! We throw a blazer on everything around here too! I work for an attorney and we wear maxis, sundresses and every dress style in between except jeans. So I've learned to make most looks office appropriate!

  2. Beautiful! Absolutely love this dress on you Shea and of course, I love the print. I actually don't wear maxi dresses to work, but this has encouraged me to give it a try!

  3. Love maxi dresses, and this one looks fantastic on you! The print and colors are very lovely. I only wear maxi dresses to work on casual Fridays. Something about the length never seems work-appropriate for the rest of the week to me, but I do think if you can get by with it, go for it!


  4. Curvy CEO

    This is a FAB combo. I was toying with wearing a maxi for a casual Friday look, but I usually pair them with bolero jackets. Hadn't even dawned on me to try it with a blazer. Will definitely give it a shot! Thanks girly!

  5. Question why do you feel that maxi dresses are inappropriate for work on Mon-Thursday? Just curious. I work in Los Angeles and wear them during the week with a jacket but never thought it was inappropriate. BTW that maxi is a great selection!

  6. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    Beautiful dress!! Love how you added the blazer!!

  7. Shea this maxi is gorgeous and you look gorgeous in it!

  8. MaximsFashion

    See yourself as a Queen!
    These colors combine perfect with the color of your nice skin…


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