| T-Shirt – The Limited | Skirt – Etsy | Purse – Ralph Lauren | Sandals – Ralph Lauren |
| Necklace – Wrist Soiree |

| Shirt – Target | Purse – Corina & Foley |

I purchased this skirt from Etsy months ago but never had the opportunity to share it with you guys.  I ended up wearing this skirt to work on Tuesday and wearing it again this weekend to the SITS Girls Women Get Social, Mini Bloggy Boot Camp.  I sometimes go through phases of wearing the same thing every week until I am sick of it, lol.   Plus, I have been in a very girly mood lately so this skirt gave me everything I needed and more.

The skirt it’s self is beautiful and doesn’t need much styling so I just added a simple t-shirt and pink satchel to bring out the color of the skirt even more in the first outfit.  This look is my favorite, especially since I don’t really wear color a lot.

The second outfit didn’t come out quite how I planned it in my mind.  I think maybe I should have worn a darker denim shirt or maybe a pink or yellow oxford shirt instead. The second look is not terrible but it needs to be reworked a bit.

Which look do you prefer?  Are you loving the full a-line skirt trend or do you find it too old-fashioned?



  1. love the skirt; you style it well. i love the second look

  2. Full a-line skirts are gorgeous and flowy. I like the work look best,it's so colorful. But I'm a person who loves color

  3. I'm loving the shape of that skirt! I think I like the denim shirt best, but the pink bag from the other look for contrast. Both fabulous looks, though.

  4. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    Beautiful skirt!! Love both looks!!


    Im loving EVERYTHING about that skirt! You look great!

  6. Jessica T

    Love the skirt! Not too old fashioned as long as you pair it with a more modern shoe and shirt, as you have. Tucked in button up and we might have problems 🙂 Adorable!

  7. High End Girl

    I actually like the denim shirt you have on with it better than the green tee but both looks work well with the skirt (which I love). Its not old fashioned but classy. Have fun this weekend!

  8. Which etsy site did you get this skirt from? I love it.

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