| T Shirt – Target | Skirt – F21 | Necklace – Wrist Soiree | Sandals – Deb Shops |

Whimsical is the perfect way to describe this skirt.  I absolutely love it!  Yesterday was the perfect breezy day to bring out this lovely lady for a twirl.  I do believe my summer wardrobe will go something like this if I can find more midi skirts. T-shirts are also super easy to dress up and down over and over.  I picked up this particular one at Target this weekend when I was browsing the Peter Pilotto for Target collection.  I didn’t see anything I liked but of course I couldn’t leave empty handed, Target gets me every time!

I want to take a minute to say thank you to all of you that read my little ole blog.  Lately, I haven’t been consistent but I am not giving up.  I try to squeeze in blogging when I can, just know you guys are not forgotten.  I am at the half way point in the semester so if I disappear it’s because I have two term papers and two finals I am working on.  I just wanted you guys to know I sincerely appreciate all of you!



  1. Love this! The pink and black looks great together.

  2. You look Great in pink and black. Since I follow via bloglovin I get to see all your posts and wish you much success with school.

  3. Anointed Heels

    looking great as usual! that's my look right there flowy skirts with tees.
    on another note girl those arms makes me wanna pick up a set of dumbells LOL

  4. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    Looking fab!! Lovely look!!

  5. These arms, their getting too big my blazers aren't fitting the same anymore, lol. Girl I am stocking up on these skirts for the summer.

  6. The Devoted Housewife

    I am so grateful that I came across your blog, and hopefully you won't mind that I will be linking back to it in my own. I've always had such a difficult time dressing myself with a smaller top and larger bottom that admittedly more often than not I dress more frumpy than chic. Your suggestions on how to dress a curvier frame and still be on trend is incredibly helpful!

  7. Lemica Burch

    Hi Ladies,
    Miss Curves and Confidence I first want to say how sorry I am that your marriage didn't last. It really hurts my heart when I hear stories like this. God didn't intend for marriages to end in divorce but sadly it happens all the time. I'm glad that you were strong enough to pick your head up and dust yourself off to be the confident women who has accomplished so many of your goals. 'YOU GO GIRL'! To answer your question, being independent is what we are supposed to do as adults. We are supposed to take care of our responsibilities and such and how is that a bad thing? But I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that depending on someone takes a level of "TRUST" and I know exactly what you mean. For example, I have a girlfriend who wants to have someone show her how to apply makeup. She'd rather pay someone than to ask me, someone who wear's makeup everyday. Someone who studies makeup. Someone who has experience in applying makeup, for FREE! Now when I read this blog I chuckled because I know exactly what you were talking about. To trust someone after you've been hurt badly is not a bad thing. It's actually quite liberating!! Shame on the people who hurt us, lift it up to God and keep it moving. Never allow anyone who didn't respect or appreciate your worth, kindness, etc. steal your joy, your generosity, love, what every! Depending on someone who you've learned to trust is not a bad thing… shame on them if they take your humility as a sign of weakness. Prayerfully you and the rest of the ladies on this thread will get to the point someday where your comfortable enough to trust from your heart and not feel that you can't rely on someone not to mishandle your precious package.

    By-the-by, I love your blog and your style… keep up the good work!

  8. Shawnjay

    Hi!!! Love, love, love your blog!!!! Where can I find this shirt???

  9. OOH YESSSSS! I was Mizz I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T (Do you know what that mean?) LMBO…. Anyway, Before I got married I was determined to be independent, self sufficient, self reliant, a one woman corporation….. as my mother taught me to be. Sooooo, I moved out the first chance I had with my new full time job, while ALSO attending college. And then LOVE happened. Most dudes I usually date had no problem with me being an independent woman, but this guy did. My husband had a way of making me feel like a real lady, and I was resistant! (LOL) He broke me over time, but we had to compromise. So I became interdependent with him. And that took God giving me the wisdom to trust in Him to take care of my husband so my husband can take care of me. But I'm a contributor to my household. We see everything as "ours" and we work as partners to make our life better. He depends on me, but not as much as I depend on him, lol… but I like it that way. But if he were to get sick today or tomorrow, I got game plans in my play book. It's still a challenge sometimes, (i.e. debating who's way with handling bills is better), but finding the right balance is key.

  10. You are amazing, don't let anyone tell you any different.

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