For the most part my blog features my daily work outfits with weekend wear thrown in here and there.  I am a practical gal so most of the clothes I purchase are work appropriate, which I transform into weekend wear.  I am not into flashy or trendy clothes so this approach works well for me.  Unless your work life is drastically different from your after hours life or you wear a uniform, most people follow the same mantra.  In an effort to maximize ALL the outfit pictures I have taken over the years I want to show you guys different ways I have worn some of my favorite items.

I absolutely love blazers and have over twenty-five or so, yeah that many.  Blazers are one of the easiest pieces to dress up or down.  If your job has a very strict dress code bright and colorful blazers are a great way to stand out but still conform.  On the other hand if your office setting is more casual a great pair of jeans and blazer with a hot pair of heel is always a win.  Above are just a few example of how I’ve worn my stripped seersucker blazer at work and on the weekends.  Seersucker blazers are traditionally worn by men so when I saw this blazer at H&M I knew I had to have it.  It’s also generally a summer fabric which works great in Miami.  Speaking of summer I know most of your are counting down the days until spring!

This blazer will probably be the reason I purchase these pants, yay on nay?

Do you guys remix your work clothes on the weekend or do you steer clear or anything work related on the weekend?


  1. Kisses on Ivory

    In the beauty industry black and white is the trend, so on the weekends I like to add a little more color. Black is still the canvas!

  2. Bajan Vee

    Love the look. I stay far away from anything work related on the weekends.

  3. EyeCatchingGreatness

    Love, love, love the green pants. I say do it!

  4. PlazaPerspective

    I love how you showed the versatility of that blazer. Looks like I need to get more! Also, you must get those pants because that is a gorgeous green color.

  5. 25 blazers!!?? i need about that many as well…i say go for the green pants

  6. Your blazers do triple duty and you look Great. So I would consider them investment buys for you and it all works well. Happy Healthy 2014 to You.


    Love the green pants but I dont like the fact they are straight leg

  8. Nice pants but way too pricey, in my opinion. You look great!

  9. I am like you. I am a blazer girl and I remix my clothes very well for work, church and weekend escapades 🙂 I love the color of the pants but not the cut.

  10. I agree with finding versatility in clothes. My casual dresses, especially if they are sleeveless are good work/play looks. I also wear jeans for work and on the weekends as well as my flat shoes. Heels, tanks, and fitted clothing is reserved for Weekends only

  11. Elizabeth

    I think H&M….it was in the 2nd paragraph 🙂

  12. I share your sentiments, the majority of my wardrobe is multi-functional. My style for the office does not differ greatly from my style after hours and on the weekends. Of course I have the occasional dressy event, and that calls for a little more pizazz than what I wear to the office.

  13. Kimberly

    How is the sizing at the limited? I normally can buy a 12/14 but going by there sizing chart I would have to buy a 16. What do you suggest?

  14. Hey Kimberly! I just received these pants on Friday and wore them to work yesterday. I tried the classic flares in a 12 in at the store, they didn't have the drew simply straight. The 12 fit but was too snug on my thighs, so I ordered a 14 in the drew simply straight. I love them, there is major waist gapping but that's a simple fix, the flow and feel of the pants are great. They did stretch out a little bit in the thigh area but nothing major. Hope that helps! Oh and they are on sale right now for 40% off.

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