Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having and wonderful new year thus far.  I had a lot of down time over the holidays but I am glad to be back into theswing of things.  During my down time I had the opportunity to work with Winter of Winter Raven Photography, who is a photographer based out of New Jersey.  Winter found my blog via Pinterest and reached out to me via email.  After a quick visit to her website, a couple of emails and a phone call we were all set for a photo shoot while she was here in Miami! Blogging has brought about some great opportunities for me and the opportunity to work with Winter is definitely one of them.

Can you believe I was actually nervous on the day of the photo shoot? I take pictures all the time but working with a professional had me shaking in the heels, lol.  All that nervous energy quick disappeared once we got started. Winter made me feel so comfortable; I really had a great time laughing
and just being myself.  These pics are just a few of my favorites from our shoot to view more photos from our session to see more check out Winter’s blog here.  Also be sure to check out her main photography website and look through here online portfolio here.

Winter will be visiting the followingcities and is looking for models to work with, no experience needed:

January 2014 – Atlanta

February 2014 – Philadelphia

March 2014 – Las Vegas

If you are interested please contact her via email at jwraven@gmail.com and be sure to tell her Shea sent you!

Make sure you guys also check out her other social media hangouts:

Instagram: winterravenj
Twitter: @winterravenj
Facebook: WinterRavenPhoto



  1. melissafff

    Wow … You look so elegant … swooning over this blouse doll

  2. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    Happy New Year!! Lovely look!!

  3. O Blog da Susy

    Here in portugal the weather is too cold to wear that cloths, but you look really good. Love the outfit

  4. You look great!!1 Happy new year. Can you PLEASE share where you got that gorgeuos top from?

  5. Shoegurl

    Love those pants…..where are they from and what style are they

  6. Tiffannie Renee

    you look absolutely beautiful! Love the outfit selection.

  7. i love this look. i pinned it to re-create it for myself one day.
    I have a question…in a past post you mentioned that you clean out your closet yearly. How do you decide what to keep and what to give away? I have the hardest time with this…thank you in advance.

    Btw Im new to your blog and i love it. thank you for all the fashion inspiration!!

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