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Oh how I love pencil skirts and I wear them frequently.  Admittedly this particular skirt looks good, maybe a little to good for work.  I love my curves but damn sometimes they are a blessing and a curse.   

“She get it from her momma..You can’t tie a sweater over that a**, or hide it in pajamas”

I feel like no matter what I wear my booty is always going to be present and accounted for.  While everyone is doing a thousand squats at the gym I’m on the treadmill running a hundred and one miles trying to leave this thing behind.  I didn’t intend for this post to turn into a rant about booty problems but I am not always confident.  This is the one thing I get self-conscious about from time to time. Mostly because of the stares, the gawking and the out-of pocket comments from men and women.  Looks like I will be wearing a blazer with this skirt the next time I pull it out the closet, lol.


  1. Anointed Heels

    well they say we always want what we don't have lol I wish there was a way to do booty transfer cause I'd take some on your back *pun* LOL
    running to go do some squats.
    love the simplicity of the outfit 🙂

  2. melissafff

    Girl werk what u got … Those curves are fab please don't hide them 🙂 great chic look darling

  3. Dionne Dean

    Oops…I know I've commented, but it's only out of jealousy because I don't have one! LOL You have a gorgeous shape and you dress it well!

  4. i had to post a comment on my way to an exam.your curves make you outfits pop out even more.u r looking great.nay Sayers should never get you down!i also like the way you have posted the photos kinda like a reflexion

  5. All I thought was bootie when I saw the first picture… LOL! Sorry Shea! 🙂 You look beautiful!

  6. LOL Well I've never been blessed with curves so I think you should be proud of your gorgeous womanly body! I love the pink, white and black outfit here! Classic and sexy!

  7. So many women want and beg for a booty like that and willing to pay big bucks to get it. Celebrate yours cause you look damn Good!!

  8. Elizabeth

    You look great!!!! I will admit, some figures make you do a double take, in a not so good way….but yours is very beautiful!!! You do have butt, legs and hips….but they are very well proportioned. Your curves by no means give you a "stank" look. I love your shape, you make me want to squat right here at my desk….Lol! 🙂

  9. You look great. …there is no hiding them curves girl. …..flaunt what yo mama gave u!!!!

  10. Same here. No matter what I do, my behind will always be here. Thus the reason I don't wear many pencil skirts. I am confident, but no one want's unwanted attention all the time because of their body. You look great.

  11. Style4Curves

    Girl u better be proud of that booty. I will admit I am self conscious about mine as well and that's why I almost never do side shots or look over my shoulder shots on the blog because it sticks out so far lolll but I LOVE ur proportions. I completely understand tho…..

  12. Not trying to hide them but not really try to play them up much either, especially at work. I love them but they make being poised and professional hard sometimes, lol.

  13. This is exactly what I mean, I don't dislike my body but sometimes I don't want all that extra, extra because I wear a pencil skirt or straight leg pants.

  14. Ms. J Rivers

    Your curves bang!! You inspire me to get my body in order, but after 2 babies it is hard. I see clothes in stores that I want and I stalk your blog lol. I love your sense of fashion, but I don't want to shop until I get all of 'this' together lol.

  15. Brittany

    Your Welcome! Wow.. Pinterest does work! lol BTW, I'm going on a 31 Day Vegetarian Diet and it's killing me, but I'm making it through. I read your post about the breakdown of vegetarian options!

  16. It sure does work! Lol. It was hard for me my very first week. I kept forgetting not to eat meat when I was out. At home it was easy because I didn't have any meat in the house. The key is having good recipes and good snacks. Keeps your mind of missing meat.

  17. Great looks sister, seems like Creator used only the best carving knives. All garments seem to compliment the curves100%. I'm inspired by Curves and Confidence, wishing there was at least a (Curves and Confidence) Magazine here in Cape Town (South Africa) just awaken the Curved sisters as to how to clad these heavenly bodies since most magazines here are still stuck on slim ladies.

  18. Kym Jefferson

    What size did you get your skirt in? It looks great!

  19. Thank you! Don't punish yourself not being where you want to be, celebrate what you have now. Dress that body up and enjoy doing it!

  20. That dress is gorgeous. you have a nice big booty to go with it.

  21. The outfit is really cute and I agree with you 1000% on the booty problems. I tell my frinds all the time it is truly a gift and a curse. But anywho…. you wear it all well! Love your blog.. keep doing your thang!

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