Today’s topic is going to be about preparing, planning and performing for a workout.  Most of us have to-do lists that are miles long and sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish everything.  I myself can attest to this and since starting out on my fitness journey my time seems to be even more limited.  It’s frustrating when I am unable to find that perfect balance. Instead of letting my frustration get the best of me I use it as my motivation to prioritize my life. Instead of giving up I gave into the fact that I needed to prepare, plan and perform.


What are you going to wear?  Workout clothes are so important, especially undergarments. Ladies I cannot stress the importance of a good sports bra.  I do not recommend working out in regular undergarments they will not give you the support your need.  I even broke down and purchased some good‘ole cotton granny briefs. They have the best coverage for those of us that have a little more junk in our trunk and cotton underwear is a better option hygienically.

There are so many active wear options but I personally prefer Old Navy active wear.  I usually wait until a sale and pick up a few pieces at a time.  The compression leggings and capri pants have excellent support and the rise is perfect; they don’t slide down or stretch out.  I also wear Old Navy active sports bras which have amazing hold and come in lightweight, medium and heavy support depending on your workout. I haven’t tried the compression shorts yet because I can’t do shorts, the constant riding up drives me insane!

If you are blessed with larger breast here are few links to sports bra reviews:

A good sports bra can be the difference between a good workout and a great one.

Last but not least a good sneaker is a must!  I am a thrifty girl so spending over $100 on a sneaker is a hard sell.  Utilize local outlets to find the best deals.  Make time to try on sneakers in store and look for a better deal online. Lastly, if you wear a size 8.5 or smaller buy a big kids shoe which will save you about $30 – $50.

These items are just basics and depending on what type of workout or exercise you intend to perform you will need additional items such as: weight gloves, towel, water bottle, phone case and ear


Pick a day and time and stick to it.  I prefer to work out in the evenings three days a week and in the morning on Saturday.  If you are going to work out early morning prep the night before by packing your gym bag, pulling out your work clothes and preparing your meals.  Prepping the night before will keep your morning flowing the next day.


What type of exercises are you going to perform? Strength, Cardio, HIIT, Crossfit, Walking, etc.  Right now I am focused on strength training.  I no longer utilize a trainer for my workouts but I wanted to make sure I keep up the same intensity at the gym.  To make sure I stay on task I utilize websites like and Pinterest for workout plans.  I focus on particular muscles and build myworkout around that. has an extensive exercise library with pictures and video of how to perform exercises.  Pinterest has loads and loads of outdoor/indoor exercises which is a great alternative for anyone that does not have access to a gym.


Finally it’s time to work out!  There is nothing to it but to do it.  Try to avoid distractions:

  • No phone calls
  • No texting
  • No social media
  • No socializing

Do not waste the time you have set aside for your workout. Tune everything else out and focus. Most importantly, have fun! Whatever you decide to do make sure you enjoy it, your workouts shouldn’t feel like a chore or feel forced.



  1. Great post. I always have a great start, but i never finish my goal. Thanks for the motivation.

  2. a fellow runner turned me on to no underwear and the diva cup. I havent tried the diva cup yet, but no panties is freeing.

  3. Oh wow I would never thought of that, sounds like a great idea. I have heard great things about the diva cup.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I also love Old Navy active wear! I've tried all different kinds from high-end to low-end. ON works best for me.

  5. Jazi Blu

    Do you by any chance know your measurements?

  6. Renate Kupse

    You look amazing 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

    Renate from

  7. disqus_IVkTim1FxY

    how do you structure your workouts? frequency, upper/lower body splits, total body and cardio? I'm trying to figure out my ideal program and learning my different options. thanks for the motivation too!

  8. Witty Kitti

    Any suggestions for equipment free, gym-less ab exercises? I've decided on a 6 pack for Summer '14 but have no idea where to start

  9. Christina Johnson

    @Witty Kitti fitness blender on YouTube has good at home workouts

  10. Alexandria White

    Just what I needed. Thank you for posting the bra links for us with a little more baggage.

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