| Blazer – H&M | T shirt – Saks Off 5th | Jeans Gap | Sandals – Just Fab | Purse – Target |

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I wore this outfit to work on Friday and regretted wearing these shoes about half way through the day.  They are not a walking around type of shoe; these are sitting down shoes as Ashley (asassywoman.com) would say, lol. Good thing I keep my flip flops on hand at all times.

So I have worn these jeans at least 350 times on the blog and never ever really said a word about them. I can honestly say I only own about two pairs of good jeans.  I have a really hard time finding a good fit when it comes to jeans; no surprise there right?  No matter how many pairs I purchase I always come back to my old faithful Gap Real Straight. I have had these jeans for over five years and they are good and broken in.  I guess at this point I should pick up another pair huh? Lol. I am sure they have changed up the way they are made Gap and Oldnavy are notorious for that.  I have tried the Gap Always Skinny and the Gap Legging jeans and both stretch out really bad.

What are your tried and true favorite jeans and how long have you had them?


  1. demondi mian

    love the yellow blazer !!

  2. Prototype Mama

    Loving those shoes! I'm a jean and blazer type of girl so I'm totally digging this outfit!

  3. lately Ive fallen in love w/Ann Taylor Loft. They've changed their sizing and they are great! I prefer the modern straight. I like the modern sexy and curvy skinny. They have the right amount of stretch and give.
    Can you share the dets on the jacket and top?

  4. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    You look fab!! Love this look!! Love the combo one of my favorite together colors together!!!

  5. Love this look. I have quite a few pairs of sitting down shoes, for sure! Strangely enough, my fave jeans at the moment are from Old Navy. I say surprisingly because there are times I try on jeans there and they have an awful fit. I swear there are major variations between colors because the same style in two different colors will fit completely differently. WEIRD!

  6. I purchased a pair of white old navy Diva jeans this summer that were quite good, and I still love my levis curve ID also.

  7. I have tried Target jeans also, the rise was too low for me but the fit was good. I might give them another go.

  8. Hey Mika, I am going to add Ann Taylor Loft to the list I think they just sent me a 30% off email. The blazer is from H&M last year and the top is from Saks Off 5th just purchased it last week.

  9. There sizing is way off, back in the day like '06 I had so many pair of ON jeans but lately I can't seem to find the right fit. My white diva jeans are great but I think I got lucky with those, lol.

  10. Levi's…tried and true, preferably the no gap waistband style

  11. I love your style. I agree with gap and old navy jeans. I had a pair of old navy jeans I loved but of course I gained weight and they no longer fit. When I went to purchase a new pair the fit was horrible. Why change a good thing. Oh well, lol. I love the yellow and grey together

  12. Ofthecomely. blogspot.com

    Have you tried Lucky Brand Jeans?

  13. My My favorite jeans are my Forever 21 acid washed jeggings!!!! They have an optimal fit for my shape. This outfit is banging. Love the shoes!

  14. Great outfit on you. I have many shoes that are sit-down shoes but I still wear them. Glad you're back posting. . .

  15. thebayarean

    Recently picked up some jeans from target that are great for my curvy frame. I'm keeping an eye out for another pair, because good jeans are so hard to come by.

  16. I do like Old Navy Jeans. I also have a pair of DKNY jeans and Levi's that are my go to's.

  17. lijeanna earl

    Hey try the jeans on PZI.com these jeans are made for thick & curvy girls.

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