Happy Monday Loves! Long time no see.  First let me say thank you to everyone the checked up on me via twitter, facebook and my contact page.  I loves ya’ll but I just needed a little break.  I don’t think I have ever stepped away from my blog for this long in the three years I have been blogging. The break was much need and I am rejuvenated and ready to go.

This past Sunday the much anticipated 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection was released.  As we all know Target has mastered the art of collaborating with high fashion designers to bring its customers affordable pieces.  In the past I really didn’t get into the hype and most times just viewed from the sideline especially after the Mulberry for Target and Missoni madness.  However, I was super excited when I found out Phillip Lim was collaborating with Target. I mean his pashli satchels are everything but definitely not in this girls price range.  I knew I needed to score at least one purse once I saw the entire look-book.  There were a few clothing items I wanted but my main focus was on the PURSES!


 Sunday Morning: 7:57am, I went from being right at the front door, first in line…

to standing by the rack of purses empty handed!

After much anticipation this past Sunday I arrived bright and early to Target in Midtown Miami.  I was first in line.  After awhile a few other individuals showed up but not many.  In total there may have been about 30 people waiting for the doors to open at 8am.  About 15 minutes prior to opening the store manager came out and informed us the collection was located on six racks to the immediate right as soon as you enter the door, which included men’s and women’s items.  I am thinking cool but I was kind of disappointed because I knew that they didn’t have much stock.

Let me just remind you this my first time ever lining up for a Target collaborative collection release. I wasn’t really worried about not getting what I wanted because like I stated there wasn’t really a crowd of people waiting.  Hmph, boy was I shocked at how fast things went from sugar to s***.  Despite being first in line with Jeanee we were ran over by the crowd when the doors opened and when we did reach the purse rack it was empty!  People had literally grabbed 10 purses in one swoop and were already heading to the cashier. I was done!

I stood at the rack waiting for more purses to come out but as the employees were wheeling out the carts they were swarmed! I was able to dash over and grab the two purses I wanted.  Jeanee was able to get her grey tote when someone put it back on the shelf.  I was seriously disgusted with the whole thing and was just happy I got what I wanted.  I can confidently say I am done with this type of shopping, there wasn’t anything fun about almost getting ran over for a purse!

The quality of the items I purchased is awesome, especially if you are into vegan leathers. I wish I could have had the opportunity to see and feel a few of the more popular items such as the two-toned blazer and the leopard body-con dress.  Now it’s time to wait and see what makes it to the clearance rack.

In the end Jeanee (blog.shopdirtylaundry.com) and ended up with the pieces we wanted.  Target needs to setup some purchasing restrictions before the release of another collaborative collection.  I am thing something along the lines of this:

– purchase limitations (no more mad dashes to grab everything)

– open the store early and stagger the customers so everyone has a pleasant shopping experience

– clear clarification of which items will be available online and in-store

As a long time Target customer see previous posts about them here, here, and here. I love their clothes shoes and accessories but this experience had me thrown, especially since most people were only buying in large volumes to throw stuff up on ebay, case in point.  In the end Target loses money and most people are kind of over the hoopla of these collections, well at least I know I am.

Enough of my rant, did you score anything?

Hopefully these items make it to the clearance racks so I can snatch them up, I really love the black jewel collar dress, prefect for the holiday season.


P.S. check back tomorrow for a surprise!


  1. imperfctconcept

    Girl you know I live in a tiny town. They send everything here but no one buy cause they think its expensive. It goes on clearance fast. let me know if I need to scoop something up for you =)

  2. Gorgeous Puddin

    People buying for eBay is the most annoying! That bag at $249 is not the business!
    I too haven't been into the launches really since the Missoni fiasco, but somehow was swept up into this launch suddenly and unexpectedly Saturday night online. There was an online restriction on buying. I believe you could get 1 item at a time with a total of 3 (not sure) I got the super popular BOOM sweatshirt because it's cute. Sorry your experience was bad. People are ridiculous! I like the little yellow bag tho. It's super cute! At least you were able to get what you wanted after all. 🙂

  3. LOL!!! Girl that experience yesterday was off the chain wasn't it? Im like you… I dont feel like running to get my items and I wish they had more stuff available. Cute bags and I will be checking back for the surprise 🙂

  4. Dionne Dean

    Girrrrrrlllll…we didn't have madness in Dallas. They were restocking by the time I got there. I may go back and see if they have the yellow purse.

  5. Style Chic 360

    I wanted a bag but didn't make it to the store and they were sold out online. I was supposed to go with a blogger buddy..but hearing your experience vbff, I would have been so mad if that had happened! This is the first collaboration I've shopped and I don't know if I could handle it in store. lol.

  6. Folks are really crazy! It's not that serious! I might go back for the Boom sweater it is really cute. I can laugh now but yesterday it was serious business, lol.

  7. I didn't run either, thank goodness they had extra stock or I would have left empty handed, lol.

  8. Neither of the stores I visited had any of the cute clothes which is probably good, saved me some money.

  9. ktayler77

    Its doesnt matter whether its a collaboration or black friday people tend to go crazy over sale stuff and the thing is it will soon be on clearance or cheaper after the holiday. I was faithful black friday shopper but I got tired of the madness now I just wait until later in the day and go out. I happen to like walmart policy when you come to the store for hot items they give you a ticket and once the tickets are handed out the item is gone. you go to the register hand them the ticket to ring up the mechandise and the bring it to the register after payment.

  10. I went to Target in the hood to get my handbag. I wasn't impressed with the clothes. But i love my handbag. Your experience sounded like a Black Friday 3 am shopping event.

  11. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    Wow I went about 11:30 after I drop my daughter off at work was able to get the shirt floral dress and the taupe bag like yours I went back for the black it was gone that fast. I was like oh well. My first time also going also. Thanks for sharing I love your blog. Keep doing what you do!!!

  12. I don't do Black Friday and this was a first and last for me. I swear I think they like all this foolishness.

  13. Hey twin!!!! Thank you so much, I can see you rocking that dress belted with some cute wedges. Well maybe not wedges summer is over but maybe some knee boots. Make sure you post a pic!

  14. fatshionvixen

    I'm sort of mad because of the sizes of the clothing… Only up to XL and 16? Anywhoo, besides that everything was gone when I got there! 🙁 Sucks…

  15. I only wanted the taupe handbag so I ordered it online. I'm so glad I did. It looks even better in your pic.

  16. Your facial expression is PRICELESS! Glad u were able to score the bags u wanted cause I know u would've been hot about it had not… The yellow bag is LIFE!

  17. OMG. I must say it was a 1st experience for me too! I've never gotten up early for any kind of sale. Thank so much for inviting me to go with you! I was in shock over how those ladies ran over to grab way more bags than what they needed. LOL. You were tore up girl! I'm happy we waited it out and got our goodies!

    And I know what the surprise is!!! {muah, ha ha!}

  18. Sincerity Hightower

    i think you hit the nail on the head ..from the articles you linked to its seems the main issue with these events is NO PURCHASE LIMIT!! target has a generous return policy so there is nothing stopping someone from grabbing 10 purses, trying to sell on ebay for more money and if not return. I think all of you suggestions were valid and useful but the main one…i think simply putting a purchase limit would stop all this..just like black friday..you can only buy one computer, one or two of the electronics

  19. I got the leopard DRESS! I wasn't even aware that the line came out until late last night and vowed to make this item mine! I succeeded when I didn't find it in my local store in my size and ordered online. It is just sheer luck that the one item I wanted was still in stack online in my size. I am also lucky that I live in a town that doesn't value high fashion. I find so many fashionable items for so inexpensive because many just don;t know what to do with them…I am confident I will get more items on clearance or even be able to to get more items when my funds are better. We still had a lot of the taupe bags in-store and but I have a purse in that color and try not to duplicate items in my closet…

  20. Iwannabefierce

    Hey lady! I wanted so bad to make it to the store but couldn't. I can only imagine what the scene was at my local target. Glad you were able to get what you wanted.

  21. Renate Kupse

    This sounds crazy! Good, that it was worth and you ended up getting what you wanted anyway!

    P.S. I'm a new subbie, welcome back to blogging, nice to hear you're back 🙂

    Renate from http://thecuriousklutz.blogspot.com

  22. Whitney 'Nic' James

    Lol, crazy! Well, I like the purchases you all made. Personally, the purses and the leopard dress were the only things that really caught my attention. There were NO purses left at my Target…guh! Like you, I'm waiting for some items to hit the sale rack!


  23. I heard the sizing was way off. I don't understand how that happens its almost as if the clothes are not fit tested before production.

  24. I never thought about them being able to return stuff that doesn't sale. If you are buying for that purpose then it's a win-win situation.

  25. That price markup for ebay though. Unacceptable. smh

  26. Chanell Nicole

    I can't believe you didn't go to the North Miami location. There was a line there but not too bad. The "visitors" as I'll call them were there just for the collection of course. I went to pick up some diapers and loafers for BK but ended up leaving with the BOOM! pullover and the leopard print scarf. While on my way to the back, a lady pushed out a cart of purses from behind the fitting room. I had my pickings but didn't see the dark brown one that I was eyeing so I let "visitors" have at it.
    I was disappointed that the leopard dress, pullover, or skirt weren't there. Those are the items that I liked online. I guess my pullover will have to make an appearance in this rainy weather.

  27. MARISSA Hopson

    The adrenaline and excitement were so much fun… but the fighting, stealing and people lingering around you was not fun. So many people had put their hands in my cart to "look" at my stuff… next thing I knew my yellow mini satchel was gone, which was the bag I wanted the most. . I also saw lots of people buying 10 or more bags which left hardly any for the people that really wanted them. My Target did not have a limit. My Mother was able to get me the mini in black thank Goodness.

    I love these designer collections at affordable stores but the chaos is nuts. I had an anxiety attack at Target from being so overwhelmed. People literally follow you and stick around to see what you will give up. I love the handbags.. I'm hoping the eBay hoarders can't sell them so I can get my hands on the Yellow & Taupe mini. Do love my little black one though.. I've been using it ever since!

  28. I'm glad you got what you wanted. I'm sure when the hype dies down you will be able to get your hands on the other items.

  29. It was my first time and I was disappointed nevus they had 5 items in both stores I visited. Really? Then was told by a dales associate they would get the dresses on Wed. Obviously they did because they had plenty of inventory today of various items. If I didn't love leotard do much I would have skipped it all together plus you know I like a good fitting dress dress (trying to branch out). I have a taupe crossbody bag that I'm not in love with yet so it might go back. Now ican cross something like this off my bucket list….. shrugs 🙂 I'm sorry your experience was horrific.

  30. SixTwentySeven

    I headed to the Target store in Seattle around 10a (it opened up around 8a) and most of the stuff was still there. I had my eye on one of the yellow bags, but those were gone. Only a handful of black ones were left and I think 1 grey. The leopard print dress was nice… actually ran a bit large, but at the end of the day I didn't want to pay $29.99 for something that felt like the same quality as Forever21. I'm not a huge follower of specific designers, so admittedly I didn't flock to the store because of the brand name of "Phillip Lim"… I saw the yellow purse in a preview and thought that was dope. Anyways, it was cool, but I feel like I've seen better collabs with Target.

  31. I'll be honest, just seeing the craze cia Instagram was enough to turn me off and I literally live 15 seconds from Target. I swear these companies are LOVING bloggers for creating the hype over clothing and makeup collections. I may stop by today bc I really like that black purse but I am the type that finishes my Christmas shopping in October. Let alone this random madness!

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