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I finally got myself together and sat for 14 hours to get Senegalese twist on Saturday, sigh.  If  you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you might have seen my before and progress pictures of my hair.  I swear I have the patience of a flea because I was dying slowly by the third hour, lol.  The things we do for beauty! I am already loving the convenience and I will continue to enjoy it for the next three months. 
After being confined to a chair for 14 hours on Saturday I knew I needed to run the streets all day Sunday despite the 90 degree temperatures.  I swear these summer temperatures snuck on me and this dang heat is a beast.  I finally put together this outfit that’s been in my head for awhile since cute and cool is my mission this summer.  I envisioned this outfit in my head since I bought this skirt but couldn’t find the perfect striped crop top, so I made one.  I picked up this tank top from the little girls section at Target and cut it in half. Voila! I now have the perfect striped crop top.  

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  1. I am a new follower and love your blog however I want to know what is your workout regiment….I need know how to get those abs lol

  2. Lawdddd… 14hrs!!!!! I would literally DIE!!!!! I'm sitting in the braid chair as I type and I'm almost DEAD!!!!! At any rate, such a cute look… Love how u styled this!

  3. O Blog da Susy

    I loved the skirt, but the top not soo much. kiss

  4. Thank you and it can be aggravated being an in between gal. I get frustrated with it sometimes BUT there is so much fly stuff out there for us. I usually stick with a-line skirts, maxi dress, and tops when it comes to stores like F21 and Charlotte Russe. I can never fit their pants ever.

  5. Love your hair. I'm wearing a sew in and am kind've regretting it because I have since started working out like a mad woman and the style requires a bit more maintenance then I would like. Twists or braids would've been perfect.

    Actually that leads me to my next point…I love the look of crop tops but have completely missed the trend (so far) because my body isn't right. Sure I've seen "plus-sized" girls pull it off well…but its not where I want to be. I'm so happy to FINALLY be working out and your posts on veganism and healthy living were a huge motivation. Sure it took me a while to get off my butt and get going but the point is that I eventually did and I'm happy. I plan to wear a bikini, crop tops, low open backed dresses and mini skirts next summer. Trends be damned! lol

  6. April Winters

    Love the stripes and leopard combo!

  7. Woooooooooooow you have more patience than I LOL. I looooove this crop top on you! And the subtle pattern mixing is great! I can't believe you made this cute skirt! I've always been jealous of people who can just whip up pieces like this!

  8. Love this!!! I'm having such a hard time trying to find stuff because I'm not a a true plus size and I'm not a junior size like Agaci and Charlotte Russe…ugh! But this is a cute outfit I could find anywhere and pull off.

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