* Blazer – H&M * Shirt – Express * Skirt – The Limited * Sandals – Just Fab *

I forced myself to wear
these shoes last week.  I know you’re wondering “why would you have
to force yourself to wear such a cute shoe” well I am not a girl that
wears four inch heels without a platform at all.  Platforms have spoiled me but most of the
cute summer sandals are very minimalistic, a couple of straps and a high heel.  Soooooo I have been practicing around the
house and I think I finally got it, lol.

It is still gloomy here
in Miami which means it’s definitely summer time; hot, humid, periodic showers and
high temps.  Not the best conditions for
taking outfit pictures but I have to fit them in somehow.

This outfit is a
modified version of my submission for Ashley’s Florida Finest.  I have been dying to wear the double stripe combination
again but I wanted to add some color this time. 
I swear this yellow blazer has gotten some miles since its purchase.  Hopefully you guys will see these shoes more
in the future.       


  1. This is hot! I thought it was a dress at first. Looks good with the yellow. 🙂 Yeah anything over 2 inches is a problem for me. I don't know how you ladies tolerate it.


  2. This looks great on you. The yellow jacket makes this outfit POP – Good job!

  3. Style4Curves

    This is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Her Perfect Black Dress

    Great look, perfect for summer.

  5. Great color combo. I'll need to revamp my maxi skirt like this that I wear for a dress to see if I can pull this off. I'm always inspired when I drop in here. Hope you are rooting for me to get these sandals cause you know I need them, ha ha haaaa 🙂

  6. Jazmine Harrod

    You are wearing that dress!!! Those colors look good together.

  7. ahhhsoneo

    that is a great outfit and those shoes are an excellent finishing touch!!

  8. Candy Coated Cashmere

    I've been waning to try the Stripes x 2 trend for a while. Haven't had the guts lol. You wear it so well!

  9. Love this look. Love the mix with stripes and the yellow. Those shoes are fabulous.!

  10. This is by far my favorite combination! You look great!

  11. April Winters

    Loving the yellow paired with the stripes!


  12. missediva

    Love it! And I feel you on the no platform heels!

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