* Blazer – Zara * Tee – Limited * Shorts – Oldnavy * Sandals – Lauren by Ralph Lauren *
I have a love/hate relationship with shorts and I
can only wear them when I am having a feel good day.  For the most part I feel good in just about
everything I wear but shorts are  hit or miss with me.  I must say I was feeling myself when I put
together this outfit for Ashley’s Sassy Hat Birthday Brunch.  There aren’t really many instances where
short shorts are appropriate but if you ask me adding a blazer makes just about
everything appropriate.  Okay, probably not
but I was determined to pull off the shorts and blazer look.    I
survived wearing shorts the entire day without having one negative thing to say
about myself! Baby steps right?

What are some clothing items you have a love/hate relationship with?  


  1. I just love you in stripes! so much I re-create you're stripes skirt, so mad i didnt get to take pictutes. my photographer fell asleep in the car and she was in no mood to take pictures. 5year olds are unprofesional!
    I'm working on some squat hopefully I can rock me some shorts too 🙂

  2. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    Cute look!! Love those shorts!! Great fit!!

  3. Style4Curves

    I love this look. I have a hate/hate relationship with shorts. I love them on other people and hate them on myself lollllll.

  4. Love the look. My love/hate relationship is with shorts. I have small ankles and no calves….wish my legs were a little 'thicker'

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