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* Blazer – H&M * Dress – H&M * Pumps – Chinese Laundry * Ring – Forever 21 *

I feel like I am slowly coming out of my “I
don’t have anything to wear” phase.  I have been really lazy about
picking out my work outfits at night.  Lately I have just been throwing on
anything to get out the door on time, pure laziness.  It always seems like in those times I get the
most heartfelt messages from you guys about how I inspire you which makes me
remember why I blog in the first place. 
I can remember a time when I had no particular style what so ever.  I didn’t know what worked for my body and
kind of just went along like that for the longest time.  It took me until the age of 28 to finally
figure it out.  So I just want say thank
you to all ladies that reach out to me ya’ll keep me motivated!

On to todays outfit which was kind of thrown
together Monday morning.  I was hesitant
to wear this dress to work.  While I can
do nothing about this donk of mines I always make sure to keep it classy at
work and I kinda felt this dress was “doin it” a little too much.  However, I decided I was just being paranoid
and it was fine.  Of course adding the
blazer made me feel much safer and toned down my curves a little.  Blazers are my safety net, whenever I am
unsure about something or I am trying to hide the donk I throw on a blazer!


  1. Veronica C.

    LOVE IIIIT!!! that dress is so fabulous and the ring! I'm totally into mustaches right now 🙂

  2. LOOOVE IIIIT! I love that dress! it's so pretty! And I'm totally into mustaches right now so I'll be picking up that ring ASAP!

  3. Omg! I have to hide my curves at work too! Blessing and a curse!
    Love it chica!

  4. melissa ward

    Great dress love. It paired with the blazer

  5. missediva

    You absolutely rocked this! I love the color of the blazer and how your polish matches!

  6. I love love love this outfit! Looks really good on you!!!!!!

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