* Blazer – Forever 21 (similar) * Tank Target * PantsTarget * Sandals Just Fab
You guys didn’t know this but I put myself in a self-imposed shopping ban from Target.  I seriously spend a lot of money in that store, usually unintentionally.  After a few weeks of being on hiatus I decided I should check out their new spring items with no real intent to buy anything.  Within 5 minutes my cart was full of dresses, blazers, pants, and shorts!  I am the type of shopper that picks up everything that catches my eye and I usually scale back once I try everything on.  
I narrowed my pile down to a black and white dress (yes another one) and these pants.  There was no way I was leaving these pants behind they were the last pair in store.  However, the waistband had this terrible bulky elastic that just wouldn’t act right, so I removed it.  Thankfully, the pants are drawstring so I can adjust them but I will eventually need to have them tailored so they fit properly.  Another Target score!  I can’t wait to wear these pants again I have so many styling ideas for them!      


  1. Style & Poise

    Very pretty! This look screams Spring..super cute!

  2. missediva

    Love this look! You're about to make me go find some colorful pants!

  3. Great outfit!! I love Target & I am the same way. Always putting everything in the cart!

  4. LOL I shop the same way. Good luck with the Target ban (if it's still on after this). It is almost impossible to go in there and not find something worth at least trying on. I love the neon blazer and these great trousers!

  5. yoyosfashions

    I really love this look!! Those pants are everything!! You look amazing ad always!!

  6. Love those pants with the yellow blazer, so cute.

  7. Those pants are mad cute and I love the way that you've styled them.

  8. jade4maureen

    I agree those pant's couldn't be left behind, they are so hot right now and they look great on you.

  9. LA Lynn's

    I'm in awe with those pants… love how you paired them with the yellow blazer too!

  10. I got the pants! How'd you take out the elastic?

  11. Awesome sauce! There is a seam in the back of the pants on the waistband. You can use a very pointy pair of scissors or a seam ripper to carefully take the stitching apart. Once you have taken the seam apart you will see the big elastic band. I think the band was sewn on the pants in the back to keep it in place. If so use the scissors to remove the stitches and cull the band and pull it out.

  12. Nappygurl81

    Those pants look awesome on you!!!! Would you mind telling me what size are they? We have the same body type and I want to order them online:) Thanks in advance for your response.

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