* Blazer – H&M * DressForever 21 * Belt – H&M * Wedges – Nine West *
I am a real stickler when it comes to dressing appropriately at work.  I convinced myself this dress was work appropriate and I was wrong.  I felt uncomfortable all day, despite all the compliments. This dress sure did look a lot longer on the model when I bought it, but that’s the downfall of shopping online right?  You take the chance of something arriving not exactly how it appears on the website. I am sure this dress would pass in some offices depending on the company culture. 
Have you ever made a dress code faux-pas? If so, did anyone at your job ever call you out on it? 


  1. I sure did about a week ago in a polka dotted skater dress…glad I had on opaque tights! You look gorgeous appropriate or not!

  2. This dress is really cute!!

    I understand about dress code and being a stickler about it. I work in IT and we have a business casual dress code (for those that aren't technicians). I like to wear dresses/skirts because being an Analyst I am in the office all day and I don't go out into the field and need to wear jeans, but I have to still watch the length of my dresses. I made the mistake of wearing one that I felt was too short and I was glued to my chair all day, LOL. I was too embarrassed to let anyone see how short I thought my dress was, I felt like everyone was staring at me all day!! :-O

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  3. Megan Landry

    I hate when that happens! Oh well, at least you can wear it out on the town and look great!

  4. Too cute!! And I love the fit of that blazer! I know exactly what you mean. My butt tends to hike up every dress and/or skirt that I wear!! I'm always self conscious and checking myself. Luckily I've never been called on anything, but if I feel uncomfortable i in something I won't wear it again. It's hard to be fly and uncomfortable! LOL!!

  5. so when i wore a dress similar to yours with a white jacket, even though i felt uncomfortable, i too kept receiving compliments – folks even wanted to know if i was going on an interview, which i thought was odd. just goes to show – when you wear something well no one can tell your discomfort.

  6. Outfitofthedayblog.wordpress.c

    You pose and photograph so beautifully. Would you do a post on how to get your best look in photos? I sure could use that…

  7. Erika T aka Diva

    I love the dress and the whole look! I'm always on eggshells about wearing short skirts/dresses to work so I understand. But you rocked your dress very well and you look very professional. I don't think you violated but being comfortable is part of being confident.

  8. You look nice, but I do get what you're saying. Typically if we feel uncomfortable it's because it's our inner being saying you know you should'nt wear that :)!!! Or for me I can hear my mother saying now girl u know better than that. I work in professional environment but lawd people come to work in much worse. I had to ask someone whether they were going to a club a one shoulder dress to work!!!

  9. Aww!! You look amazing! love the blazer and dress 🙂

    With Love,

  10. love the blazer and the dress is very pretty on you!

  11. Very cute! I love the flared skirt silhoutte and above the knee lengths make me feel so – saucy! To get away with wearing my skirts to the office I pair them with tights in cold weather and sheer stockings in warmer weather.

  12. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    Omg!! Love!! I want that dress!! You look adorable as always!!

  13. Courtney

    Very nice, I have been thru this before and I am a thick girl myself so I felt that whole day that my dress was way too short in the back and I always slid out of the chair just to make sure too much wasnt showing. I still like it

  14. I find that for those slightly shorter dress that is missing those few inches, pairing the outfit with some black opaque tights allows you to maintain a more appropriate look for the office

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