* Blouse – Forever 21 * Skirt – The Limited * Necklace – Forever 21 * 
* Bracelets – Gifted * Pumps – Chinese Laundry *
It’s Monday…woo-hoo! Okay I am not really that excited, but I am blessed to see another Monday.  I did have the opportunity to catch up on my outfit pictures Saturday afternoon.  However I was out of commission on Sunday, thanks to something I ate on Saturday.  I spent the entire day couch surfing while switching between Law and Order: SVU and Twilight.
Lately my outfits have been coming together effortlessly, those days make me happy.   Other times I just stand in my closet and look around as if I don’t have anything at all to wear.  Those are the times when I buy new clothes knowing full well I have plenty I can already choose from.   As I stated before I have been keeping a wish list of items I want to purchase.  So far I have done well sticking to it.  I can mark off the following items:
Cute flats (I still need a few more pairs)
Slim fit dress pants (I still need a red pair and maybe a green pair)
Keeping a list has worked so far, one month down, eleven to go.  Are you guys sticking to your style resolution or have you given up already?


  1. Karen Curtis

    I love the idea of the list. I do pretty well with picking out reasonable pieces to add to my wardrobe but sometimes having a focus could be more fruitful. You look great and the skirt compliments you well.


  2. Style & Poise

    You are so darn classy and ALWAYS polished work it love!


  3. Terry S.

    Sooooooooooo love this look. Love the contrast between the striped skirt and the blouse, and SWOON over those shoes.


  4. You look great as always. Colorful and stylish


  5. Courtney

    Just went in Target yesterday and they have a huge sale on flats. Some are even marked down to $6.00

  6. Dayami Rabassa

    I have a list and so far is going great but like any other blogger almost every week I add something new…lol
    I'm so proud of what I've listed and purchased so far:
    Hot Pink Blazer (scored)
    Gingham Shirt (scored)
    Sequin Pencil Skirt (gifted/scored)
    Black & White Pencil Skirt (waiting for the Ahh perfect one..lol


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