| Peplum – Forever 21 | Ankle Trousers – Zara | Pumps – Jessica Simpson |

Soooooooo it may have been a short week (for most people) but let me tell you I am tired like I worked every day this week!  I am so happy the weekend is upon us.  I plan to indulge in some delicious grilled mahi-mahi tonight and do some much-needed thrifting on Saturday.  I am happy dancing in my chair as I type this, lol.

You guys already know how I feel about black and white, ok good.  When I decided to wear this outfit I know I would need to add a pop of color.  My new peplum from Forever 21 is perfection, and of course white is eye catching especially in the winter (ok it’s not really winter here).  Of course adding a bright bold shoe only seemed right.  I try not to make a habit of wearing bold colored shoes to work but I think the black and white kinda sort of down played the color a little…okay, not really but that sounded good.

My peplum top and ankle trousers are the perfect classic pieces, rivaling against the bold color of my shoes.  A mix of old and new, hence the name royal

I hope you guys have a wonderful and bless weekend!

P.S. Anyone else having Scandal withdrawals?


  1. Um, you look hot!  I wasn't going to say this, but you know me, I'm going to say it anyway…  How can I get a butt like that?  Okay, kidding!  Not really.  You look great!  😀

  2. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    You can never go wrong with black & white. Love the look!! You look great!!

  3. So glad I recently stumbled upon your blog.  You have such a cute style.  You love black and white too girl?  They are my fave.  Sounds like you have some fun/enjoyable things planned for the weekend.  Enjoy!

  4. I love this classic look!  Black and white suits you and I love that you wore the blue pumps!  Classic and classy at the same time!

  5. I like this! very classy (per your usual) and I LOVEEEE the color of the shoes.  They almost look a little purple as well!  You can never go wrong with black and white together.

    *sidebar * I know I'm supposed to be looking at the outfit but DAAAAAAMN! That booty!  LOL!
    Um…excuse me!  Can I borrow a lil bit? I need a lil more junk in my trunk! Thanks! I'll bring it back on Monday. LOL!

  6. Missy May

    You look sexy, elegant, beautiful and that shoe defo brighten everything!! You look good. Ok pardon me but I gotta talk about your badonkadonk….damn!! That's some good butt!!


  7. Anonymous

    Your outfit and shoes look great with a body to match the perfection. Office wear has never been so appealing until I start following your blog.

    Love it all!!!!!!!

  8. alovedlife

    I love the simplicity of black and white with just an easy pop of color – it always looks so thoughtful and put together!

  9. Kharenn Espléndida Laventure

    Love your style. Keep it up and  Be bless. #Inspiration. 

  10. Totally have run out of different comments…lol  Black and white is my favorite and you FABULOUS!!

  11. PhoenixRose360

    boom! I need to raid your closet!! lol

  12. Cinssy Takahashi

    I wish I ould have an ass like yours !!!! lol I ain't lesbian though 
    The clothes fit you perfectly and you're stunning !

  13. Thank you so much for taking the time to update your blog offten. I have a question about the shoes… in another blog you said to stay away from bold platforms at the office…can you put together something showing acceptable-vs-unacceptable platforms for work.

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