* Blazer – Zara * Peplum – Forever 21 * Skirt – Target * Wedges – Nine West *

I am not sure what print this skirt is suppose to be…leopard, cheetah, or giraffe, lol.  After wanting a leopard print skirt forever I grabbed this from Target about a month ago.  This damn skirt stretched out to about three times it’s size by the time I got home last night.  I picked up a medium because ya’ll know I love that fitted look but was very disappointed with the outcome.  Eboni (The Fashionista Next Door)  seemed to have the same issue with the pants version of this skirt here.   
I loved the print but was disappointed with the over all outcome, money wasted!


  1. Cute skirt!!! You and Target are BFF's lol. You look very polished 🙂 

    With Love,

  2. oh! I bought the skirt, too…and yes…same problem.  I think mine is a small, and I didn't ever wear it for a full day before it started stretching out. I don't know what I am going to do with it.

  3. How sad! this such a cute skirt, maybe throwing in the dryer might shrink it back to decent size??

  4. I've returned a hair straightener that broke months after buying it without a receipt. It's worth a shot to take it back and voice your complaint. Worst case scenario, you'll get store credit! Anyway, at least you got a really cute outfit post out of it 😉 
    Btw, I found you in some post, I can't remember what, were you were talking about the lack of diversity in "Miami Bloggers." I thought you were right. I haven't been following Miami bloggers for long, but I am constantly seeing the same few girls, and it would be nice to find more unique ones. So anyway, I started following you. I love your classy style! If you have any suggestions for interesting bloggers to follow, I would appreciate it! 


  5. a la Angel

    Aw, you can tell it's a little looser than you usually wear. I've heard people say you should always go down in Target size.. They do their sizing for a conservative fit.
    You still look great, that blazer works beautifully with the cheetah print!

  6. Don't you hate when clothes stretch like that.  Anyway, you look great, love the modern mix.

  7. Cute!! Gurl, let me give you my address, so you can send that skirt on over to me!! LOL!! 

  8. Kenya Hunter

    How disappointing….  the skirt is actually very cute so it's a shame that is has become unwearable.  Your look is fabulous though….  

    xo, Kenya 


    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  9. Gorgeouspuddin

    Nice combo nonetheless.. you look FAB!

  10. Carey-Lee Dixon

    I absolutely LOVE your styling to achieve this sophisticated look! Fantastic 🙂


  11. What's Haute

    Love your look! I have that same skirt, too! (I wore it here: http://whatshaute.com/index.php/2013/01/my-style-print-mixing-in-the-woods/) Sorry to hear it stretched out on you. I've only worn it once so now I'm scared to see what happens next time I wear it!

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