* Sweater – Zara * Shorts – Old Navy * Sandals – Target *
Shorts and a sweater in November? This is completely acceptable for South Florida.  What are some strange clothing combinations that you feel are only acceptable for your city or region?


  1. Despoina

    Ohhhh,this one looks so great and classy!Here in Greece finally winter came a week ago,but still we have up to twenty Celcium degrees-great because of the crisis most of the people i know cannot afford the costs of heating,maybe we should come over there,till April comes!
    Big kisses!!!!

  2. Come on over, your welcome anytime.  I love Greece, when I was in the Navy I was able to visit Crete several times, your country is absolutely beautiful.

  3. I'm hatin that you still get to wear shorts when we are just starting to freeze out here.  LOL!  If my husband wasn't so intent on staying close to his family, we'd be headed back to Cali in an instant.  *sigh*  I miss my SoCal life lol!  Anyway, enjoy that good weather down there in FL!  You look fabulous!

  4. ministerofstyle

    I'm so jealous, it's been freezing here the past few days, the sun finally reappeared today. I knew I shoulda moved to South Florida instead of North Florida. Any hoo, you look fabulous, so relaxed, polished and chic. 

  5. LA Lynn's

    YUP>>>> I'm officially JELLY!!!!!! You working shorts… and looking FIERCE!!!! Those legssss tho!!!! lol

  6. Thank you! I am not a fan of shorts at all but hey these are the legs God blessed me with mines well let them loose once in a while, lol.

  7. Than you Mrs. V!  That's one place that I know could easily replace S.FL with in an instant, the weather and the shopping would have me in love, lol.

  8. Ofthecomely

    Like the combo of the yellow with the stripes. Very nice.

  9. Jenny Lopze

    Love your style! For me, I have to say goodbye to my love shorts!
    Moreover, I like your earrings, simple but nice. However, the stud
    is more suitable for me. So jealous!

  10. Renee Davidson

    Really cute outfit!! Love the combination!! I love stripes with bright solid colours!!

  11. This made me want to take a stroll on the beach! I almost did on Thanksgiving day..weather is perfect. Long sleeves cardigans and open toe shoes.

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