* Denim Jacket – Oldnavy * Tank – Target * Scarf – Target * Leggings – Oldnavy *
* Purse – H&M * Boots – ? *

How was your holiday weekend? I know I enjoyed my four days off! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with friends, and I even had a small bite of smoked grilled turkey.  Other then that I stuck to my vegetarian diet and enjoyed the side dishes.  Growing up Thanksgiving was a day to over indulge in my house and since become a vegetarian I have moved away from that way of thinking.  When I do cook on holidays I try to keep my meals simple, healthy and tasty.  No more two and three plates for me or feasting on leftovers for three to four days afterwards.  I must say not having leftovers for a couple of days is the hard part, holiday leftovers are my absolute FAVORITE! These small changes make a huge difference and I was able to enjoy my holiday weekend without feel guilty about over eating. 
Who went shopping Thursday night???
Not me I was laid up on my couch watching Bad 25, if you guys didn’t know I am the biggest Micheal Jackson fan EVER.  I seriously thought I was going to marry MJ when I was growing up.  I am going to watch that documentary over and over and over and over again!  Friday I woke up had a nice breakfast and decided to finally venture down to Lincoln Rd to check out the new H&M store.  Of course by the time I got there it was pretty low key, no lines not waiting.  I walked away with a $49 blazer that was marked down to $20 and a cute sweater for $10.  That was pretty much it for my black Friday.  I might pick up a few things today for Cyber Monday, probably beauty items or maybe an outfit for New Years Eve. 
How was your holiday weekend? What was your favorite food item from Thanksgiving? Did you score any great clothing deals this weekend?


  1. dreaminofme18

    great casual look! I kept it healthy too this holiday but I did overeat even with the healthy stuff smdh-style4Curves

  2. I am not a vegetarian, although I am leaning towards it, I indulged in the norm but my portions were minimal and I only had 1 plate. Go me! Super cute casual look. My fave Thanksgiving food is mom's sweet dressing & making my grandma's famous strawberry icebox pie (she gave me the recipe before she passed in '03). I did some Black Friday shopping that night after the crowds died down and picked up a new lip color & liner from MAC.

  3. Lovinglife

    I'm not a fashionista but I know style when I see it. It looks like what even you put on seem so chic and well thought out, I guess with all the curves confidence is next in line. With that being said this holiday for me was truly different, no more feeling bad about over indulging in Thanksgiving food thanks to people like you. I can see I'm not alone about caring about my health rather than eating the best tasting corn bread ))))EVER((((. You have been a great inspiration to my new lifestyle or should I say a better way of doing life. You’re the best from your number one fan!!!!!……

  4. Luv the look. I recently started following your blog and I have enjoyed all of your looks. I went out on Black Friday myself and all I bought was a pair of shoes. I didn't really see much that I had to have.

  5. Lorraine

    Glad that you had a good Thanksgiving!! Loving your cool and casual outfit!! Cute bag 😉

    With love,

  6. I like that thinking…staying true to your health goals even during the holiday season.

  7. Kimmi6992

    Cute!  Would you provide details about your decision to become a vegetarian and the transition.  I'm thinking about becoming one.

  8. Samantha Jangira

    Love the outfit and that bag is cute!


  9. Rebekah B

    You look like an H&M ad. Love it! I'm bummed I missed the Bad documentary. I meant to DVR it, but then I completely forgot. I wonder if it's rerun anytime. 

  10. can i have details about your hair ? which kind of hair is that?

  11. PhoenixRose360

    Love this look…that bag is so cute!!! I did score some stuff this weekend….I actually ventured into my local Salvation Army and Savers(thrift store) and made out like a bandit!  I got like 7 sweaters, 1 blazer and 2 books(yes I'm a book nerd, lol) for $40..have you ever been thrifting?

  12. Looking all kinds of cute and casual!! Love it! My holiday weekend was great! It was my first time hosting and cooking the turkey. I was nervous, but all went well!

  13. RoxySilkywraps

    Adorable- perfect for the weather we're having!

  14. Cute!
    I shopped on Thanksgiving for #Local4Shopping it was crazy too but I had fun.

    I got to eat some sweet potato pie so my holiday was good.

    I snagged a few cute deals. 🙂


  15. I'll trade my clutch for this bag! Love the entire look. Did you just say we need to go to H&M? i know I read this in your post, lolllll! I didn't buy anything. Unless new brakes on my truck count 🙁

  16. this outfit is perfect, I love the  boots and your bag and the scarf and how you combined all those items, I really love it.☺

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