* Blazer – Express/Thrifted * Dress – Ross * Boots – Kenneth Cole *

am sad to report that Miami’s fall season is officially over for now * insert
sad face*.  I did enjoy the few days of cooler temaptures that we did
have.  I finally had the opportunity break out my new knee-high boots I
purchased from Macy’s a few weeks back.  You guys seriously do not
understand how happy I was when I saw these boots online. I have thick calves
and always have problem find boots that zip all the way up.  At first I
wasn’t too keen on having a huge stretch panel on the back of my boots, but when
they arrived I loved them.  
also purchased these cute knee high
boots from Just Fab, I was praying they would fit since the boot shaft
circumference was only 14″ and my calves are 16″.  I just got
them this morning and they fit! I am normally not a shoe of the month type of
person but they were offering 50% to new members and I found a coupon code for
an additional $20 off, so I paid $40 for two pairs of shoes. No more boots for
me since out cold days are few and far between. 
the wonderful weather we are having in Miami my thoughts and prayers are with
everyone affected by hurricane Sandy.  I was born in Brooklyn and can only
imagine what it would be like to see NYC flooded and at a standstill. 
Hurricanes give me major anxiety and no matter how many I have been through (I
think it’s four or five) I can never get use to it.  I am a control freak
and I just can deal with uncertainty.  I hope all my fellow bloggers are
staying safe up there.  I have been calling my mom twice a day; I know she
is getting sick of me, lol.  


So what good deals have you come across lately, the shopaholic in me would love to know!


  1. I really like your boots.  I have the same problem too since I have a muscular larger calf.  Thank goodness for brands like Bandolino and Nine West that cater to a large calf. 

  2. All this time i thought you were Caribbean, because of your signature- BajanBeauty!!
    Man! I love getting discounts, I usually check retail me not for coupons! About 2 weekends ago, I got 50% off on 7 dresses at fashiontofigure.com, that made my heart happy! There's nothing like a good deal!

  3. Terry S.

    LOVE this awesome autumn look!


  4. Retail Me Not is my spot! I use them all the time as well.  I am Caribbean my dad is from Barbados but I was born in Brooklyn.

    • Oh okay 🙂
      I'm from Jamaica.

      Loove your blog!

  5. yoyosfashions

    Whole look is fabulous!! Love those boots!!

  6. This dress looks great on you and I love how I can see your socks peeking out above your boots! Too cute! Kiah

  7. addicted 2 Etsy

    The detail on the back of those boots are too cute. You're a proper deal maker. Too cute.

  8. i really like the back of those boots. really makes them stand out from all the other tall brown boots.

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