* Sweater – Old Navy * Skirt – Target * Belt – ASOS * Pumps – Jessica Simpson
* Purse – Goodwill *
Why am I tickled pink about this outfit? Every single item I am wearing
is less than  $30 and still available online (minus the pumps).  This
outfit is the perfect example that you don’t need to break the bank to look
good.  Old Navy, ASOS and Target all seem to be on a roll with their
promotions so I am sure you guys could easily get these pieces on sale.
You guys already know I love skirts, and anything that fits these curves to perfection puts a smile on my face.  Can you ever really go wrong when you wear pink and red together?  I just love simple classic statement outfits.  
So how do guys think my new photographer is doing?  Yay or Nay? I know you really miss my balcony pics right, lol.


  1. Style4Curves

    I'm loving the new pics!!! -Style4Crves

  2. Im going to have to try the red & pink mixing. love it! you look great! yay to your photographer is doing great!

  3. Very nice take on the pink and red mixing.  I have yet to try it.

  4. Terry S.

    LOOOOVE this color blocked look! SO glamorous!



  5. A. LaToya Charlton

    I'm digging this look! And the new photos are awesome! 

  6. Go'head color blocking!! The colors are perfect, and you are rocking that skirt!!

    I'm loving your "street style" photos!! Very nice! 

  7. Melissafff

    One of my fav color combos u look fab Hun ill def buy this skirt 🙂

  8. The Prissy Shopper

    Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllll…you better wear this outfit! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

  9. Shannon S

    Werk! Love the color combo and the new photographer is doing a good job.

  10. LA Lynn's

    Yassss to the PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!  Cause that 1st photo is so CRISP it needs to be in a MAG!!!! You killin' 'em Boo!!!! #POW

  11. I too can appreciate a budget friendly outfit–you look really nice! I miss your big hair–can't wait til mine gets as big. LOl


  12. Love the outfit!! And I'm loving the different scenes you are taking the pics. Good job new photographer


  13. PhoenixRose360

    Beautiful….I would've never thought to pair red and pink!!!

  14. Leanne Siegfried

    I've been dying to try red and pink together

  15. That last pic is so pretty, love it and the outfit! Red and pink I need to wear this combo it's so cute! 

  16. Zavonna Ford-Davis

    Great color combo! I've worn these colors together before w/ orange. They colors compliment each other so well. You look very cute missy!

  17. Anonymous

    New follower here, you look great! Thanks for sharing.
    – A St. Lucian beauty

  18. Your photog is doing great! I love this color combo and I enjoy a great ponte knit skirt. I want all the colors. I will be getting this outfit Asap. like today as soon as I finish typing Lol!

  19. Miss Rockwell

    Your photographer is doing a great job! I wish I had one but I think me and the self time are getting along just fine for now. This color combo is one of my faves and this skirt definitely looks awesome on you! WERK!!


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