This past Saturday, the ladies and I attended the Naturals in the Sun one year anniversary.  I love going to natural hair events and seeing all the different hair styles and textures.  I was also really excited to see CharJay who was the featured guest speaker.  I just love that regular people like me and you can live out there dreams just buy doing something they love and be an inspiration to others.  We also ran in to Ms. Danti, who I did not recognize at the time.  I kept saying to Kerrisa her makeup is flawless.  Little did I know this is the same young lady I have seen on pinterest a million times and even watched her makeup videos!
 CharJay, Rodlyne (Annointed Heels), Ms. Danti
Kerrisa (A Diva Moms Journey) and CharJay

The lovely and beautiful Chanell Nicole (Sepia Says) was also present

 * Maxi dress – Oldnavy * Necklace – Forever 21 * Wedges – Gap * Purse – H&M *

Yes I am giving much attitude in this pic, my hair started out nicely blown out but eventually started to shrink as the day went on.  I bought this dress at the beginning of the summer and accidentally shrank it the first time I washed it! I know the horror, but after much searching on the internet I learned 100% shrinks not matter what.  I also realized that by ironing it wet the heat will relax the fibers and stretch it back out.  My favorite maxi dress saved! 


 Big Beautiful Hair!

Later on the ladies and I meet up with Ashley (A Sassy Woman) for lunch and shopping! Another great day with great company. *Side note* I am loving all of these ladies outfits!


  1. Look at my blogger boos! I love your hair!!! I'm gonna go to my first natural hair event on Saturday, Charjay is hosting that one too! Should be fun! 

  2. Rashidah Ferguson

    Looking fab again. So what comments did you get from wearing your natural hair at work? Girl you are OWNING the look. I'm going to start following all the bloggers you mentioned.


  3. Oh to Be a Muse

    Your hair looks really great (and big) natural. And from the previous post, I definitely love how big your poof is!

    I've never been to a natural hair event in my area so I would love to go to one some time. What products do you use in your hair?

  4. First and foremost, lets talk about how much I LOVE your hair!! I can't wait until mine gets to that point. I will be rockin it all over the place!! Cute maxi too!! 

    Looks like you ladies had a great time!

  5. Big beautiful hair is RIGHT! I love it!!  You look great and I'm lovin that dress!

  6. Love your hair. I'm currently a year and a half into my transition. How long have you been natural? 

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