This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Silky Wraps Pink Glam Party and Fashion Show.  You guys may remember that Rox-Ann the founder of Silky Wraps was a sponsor for the Fashionably Empowered Women Spring Social earlier this year.

I had a wonderful time, and really enjoyed networking and mingling with such a fabulous group of ladies.  So before I give you the details of the event let give you some background on Silky Wraps and Rox-Ann’s vision for her company.  The entire concept and start-up of Silky Wraps is so simple it’s genius.  Rox-Ann like many of us naturals was concerned with moisture retention and wrapping her hair at night before bed.  It is recommend to wrap your hair with a silk scarf, silk bonnet or sleep on a satin pillow case.  We all know that the beauty supply store sells those black sleeping caps or sleeping bonnets that are hideous! They state that they are one hundred percent satin but they actually aren’t.  Displeased with what was being offered locally Rox-Ann’s solution was to design and make 100% silk satin hair wraps and sleeping bonnets, which she describes as simple sophistication. 

In addition to offering high quality hair wraps, sleeping bonnets and shower caps Rox-Ann also has beautiful and sophisticated lounge wear items in pre-production.  Let me just say I am not a pajama lounge wear type of person but after seeing Roxy’s pieces I wanted everything! Most of her pieces looked as if they could be worn out as regular clothing.  Little did I know that the second segment of her fashion show was just that.  Roxy-Ann turned her fabulous sleepwear items into very stylish outfits, a romper became a top, a sheer cover up was used as a shawl, and a high-low sleep shirt was worn over leggings!

 (Me, Roxy, and Angela host for the evening and fashion show producer)
 It is so important to support small businesses, so many people put their hearts and souls into their vision and purpose.  It was very evident watching Rox-Ann’s fashion show that she loves what she does.  I am so happy to support her in anything that she does, long story short we had history that we didn’t even know about until recently.  I served in the Navy with her sister who is still a very good friend of mine, seen here and here.  Small world right!
Once again I really enjoyed the fashion show and had a great time making lots of awesome connections and I even picked up a very cute and chic hair wrap, giveaway coming later this week!
Please to be sure to check out Silky Wraps, Rox-Ann has something for everyone including children. 

*Bonus Content* 

Me rocking my hair wrap, I usually wear a satin head scarf to bed which never stays on.  I didn’t have that problem this weekend, my hair wrap stayed in place thanks to it’s great design, two Velcro strips that kept it in place all night.  Ignore that empty wine bottle next to me I was prepping for my Sunday night tv line up, lol.


  1. Looooove Rox-ann and her brand. Very nice! 

  2. Style & poise

    You look so cute in your skirt and blazer ensemble!


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