* Trousers – Oldnavy * Top – NY&Co. * Slingbacks – Guess via Ross * Necklace – Ebay *

pink always makes me smile; there is something about putting on a bright color
that automatically gets me going.  Of course I had to pair my new bubble
necklace with pink it only seemed right.   This verse from Wale’s
“Pretty Girls” came to mind as soon as I thought of the outfit
“I got a pink and green girl she don’t even fly delta” lol. 
of putting on my go to nude Jessica Simpson pumps I finally broke out these
snake skin sling-backs I purchased during my vacation to NC in July.  I
must admit I had completely forgotten about them.  I am not really a fan
of animal print shoes but the cognac leather is what drew me in.  I wish
all my outfits came together this easy.  I have been in such a slump
lately, I need to shake it off and get my mojo back.  
do you guys do when you feel like you have worn everything you own and nothing
is really inspiring you?


  1. Love the slacks. I peruse my fave blog sites & refinery 29 and see what I can put together based on what I already have.

  2. Fazenda21

    I love this look!! I just paired a pink and green look recently!! Great minds think alike! I love that u rocked snakeskin pumps!!

  3. Style4Curves

    I love this look!! I just paired a pink and green look recently!! Great
    minds think alike! I love that u rocked snakeskin pumps!!

  4. Cute.  I love green and pink together, the necklace just pulls this look together.

  5. So cute girl!! You look fabulous! I'm loving the pink pants & the green necklace 🙂


  6. Marisa-Andrea Moore

    I love pink pants. Actually, feeling uninspired about what was in my closet is why I initially started reading personal style and fashion blogs and further, why I decided to start my own blog.  It literally started with me googling interesting ways to wear a scarf or something like that and a bunch of blogs popped up. So I go back to the blogosphere of personal styling when I feel like that. I get really inspired from others' personal style.

    I tend not to be a big fan of snakeskin though I do love animal print. I came across a pair of snakeskin pumps by Nine West recently at Off Broadway Shoes on clearance and knew I'd never wear them so I left them there. I like to mix prints and what not, but for some reason, I always feel like that doesn't quite work for snakeskin…

  7. Marisa-Andrea Moore

    I don't know why my comment showed up as no name….

  8. Cute outfit! LOVE that necklace!!

    With Love,

  9. Gorgeous Puddin

    You put this together marvelously! I would so wear this! Fabulous as always!

  10. Love this outfit boo! The trousers are so me! Love the fit and all! and the necklace is the prefect add on to finish this look! Gorj 

    xoxo Ty

  11. yoyosfashions.blogspot.com

    Once again love this look!! Lovely look fab!!

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