am a diehard internet shopper.  I rarely venture to the mall or stores to
buy clothes anymore.  I really like the convenience of having everything
come to me! So with that being said I always come across some amazing deals, so
from now on I am going to share them with you guys.  I mean who doesn’t
love a good deal, right?
week’s find is the amazing Betsey Johnson Haylie.  If you follow me on
Instagram you know that I purchased these lovely ladies back in May. 
However, once receiving them I was dissatisfied with the quality of the
shoe I received from Macy’s and used my twitter to voice my displeasure. 
Macy’s immediately contacted me and sent out a new pair; however I still wasn’t
in love.  I figured at this point I should just go to the store and see if
could find something better, which I did.  I instantly feel in love with
the vibrant royal blue color, but they could only find one shoe! So I gave up
and left the store disappointed.  
forward to this week, I decided to order my birthday dress, and figured I would
try to find the Haylie once again.  So after a quick check of my usual
stores, I found her at Dillards for $45.49, the shoe was marked down 65%. 
Of course I immediately ordered them; I can’t wait to wear these little ladies
on my birthday.  


I wasn’t able to find the Haylie I decided to search for a replacement which I
happened upon the Luichiny Rest up.  I like this shoe but I
knew that platform would be a little too much for me and wouldn’t be work
suitable.  However this shoe is a hot little number and the price isn’t
bad either.


know for most of you summer will be over soon so buying sandals might not be
practical but here in Miami we probably won’t see cooler temperatures until
early November if then. So which do you guys prefer the Haylie which is
less demure or the Luichiny which is va-va-voom? 

Thank you to Carsedra of Embracing The Real Me for letting me know about the Dollhouse Flaunt Bow Platform! This looks just like the Luichiny but is almost half the cost! 



  1. dreaminofme18

    I love the luichiny!!!! -Style4Curves

  2. Both shoes are cute! I'm a fan of bow platform black pumps 🙂

    With love,

  3. I love the Luichiny, very sexy!!  I saw a Doll House version just like the Luichiny in fuchsia at urbanog.com for $30 and they have the Doll House in black at lulu.com for $41.  Then you can find the Doll House version in fuchsia, black and other colors right now on sale for about $38 at amazon.com!!   Yeah I went searching for a cheaper version of this popular Giuseppe Zanotti look like a couple weeks ago and ran across these, trying to decide which color to get!! 🙂

    Carsedra of:



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