* T-shirt – Target * Skirt – Forever 21 * Pumps – Kohls * Bracelets – Forever 21 *

what can I say…I haven’t blogged in two and a half weeks.  I probably
should provide some sort of explanation but I don’t have one, besides being on Instagram
I took a break from all social media.  I just needed to take a step back
and get myself together.  Nothing significant happened but I just needed a
break, I hibernated for a little bit and now I am back.  Thanks to
everyone that reached out to me I appreciate it and heart you guys! 
outfit is kind of matchy for me, I rarely match my shoes to my clothes but this
just worked today.  I was still unsure out my outfit when I left the house
but my male co-worker actually gave me a compliment.  
Co-worker: How many clothes do you have? 
Me: (rolls eyes) a lot    
Co-worker:  You really do a good job of
always mixing it up, everything you wear always looks new   
Me: (shocked) wow, thanks didn’t think
you noticed.
convo was ground breaking; he always says something about my clothes but never
anything nice, lol. 
had been racking my brain trying to figure out how to wear this skirt again and
in the end a simple v-neck was all I needed!  I could have done without
the little pocket on my shirt it drove me crazy all day, lol.


  1. polka dots how I love thee! tomorrow I shall copy this look! LOL at your coworker
    I had one do the math for me, she said: you've been here for 8 months thats over 200 peices of clothes you wear something new everyday! where do you keep them all?" so not true, I have a denim jacket that I wear at least 3 times week over dresses, tanks and what not LOL
    it's fun to see they are paying attention LOL.

  2. Kareemtiheed Williams

    I think your coworker my have a crush..LOL I only look at a lady that hard when I want to date her!

  3. Aw I'm glad to see you back in action! Sometimes a breather is just what the doctor ordered. I love your polka dot skirt! So cute and how nice of your co-worker to compliment you on keeping it interesting and fresh!

  4. I have that same skirt and so far I wear it only with t-shirts too. Cute look.

  5. I lovess the polka dots!! I get the same question all the time! My walk-in closet is full along with the coat closet and two wardrobe boxes in the guest room!!

  6. melissa ward

    this is so chic i love all things polka dots and the two colors together are just perfect 🙂

  7. 7eventh Letter

    I love that skirt, I didn't think it was from Forever21, I was expecting that to be Vintage!!! Very nice buy!!!! And people with their comments get on my nerves. They really couldn't handle trading insults so they should just stop it!!!!

    7eventh Letterwww.whatsmoreimportantthanfashion.com

  8. Young, Wilde & Free

    Love this look, can't believe the skirt is from f21! Missed you 🙂


  9. Whitney 'Nic' James

    very nice. i love the way you styled the skirt! 

  10. I totally understand.  I took a little hiatus from my blog too but as of today, i'm back.  You always look amazing so I can't even imagine what negativity your co-worker could possible have to say.  People never cease to amaze me.  I love how you styled this skirt!

  11. Adorable in a grown up way! I'm always partying catch up on the blog so I didn't notice you were away. Totally understandable though because social networking its tine consuming. At least your Co-worker finally said something….anything nice..shudders at the things that are said from the mouth of my coworkers (no manners at all!!).

  12. Is this the same male co-worker who said something before about you not matching? If so, maybe he's more interested in you than your clothes! Could this be a blossoming romance?
    Anyway, you look great and glad and got some R & R.

  13. Fashion Koketi

    Came across your blog through Lilly's Style… Just liked what you wrote to comfort her and decided to check you out… and guess what, love it! Following you!

    Hope you can follow me too… Xoxo

    Monica from Fashion Koketi 

  14. Polka dots and coral is neat mix!! Love it!

    With Love,

  15. I love this fit! The polka dot skirt is real cute paired with coral accents! haha! when you think people aren't watching you they ARE! Kind of a good and bad thing! 

    Girl I might sound harsh but i've learnt to stop saying sorry for being absent! Yes we blog, but we do have a life as well! A life that cant be documented 24/7 unless you're Kim k! I had someone leave a comment saying they're gonna forget about my blog because I take too long to post! #girlbye  last time i checked i have a full time job and kids to take care of! And the people that  do understands will be there waiting for you with open arms!  so WELCOME BACK! 

  16. Buyana_myaga

    Welcome back! We missed you. You look stylish as always! I really like your fashion style

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