* Necklace – Zara * Tank – Target * Skirt – Forever 21 * Sandals – Payless * Purse – LV *

Why must the weekend come and go so fast, sigh.  I most certainly enjoyed my two days off.  A simple skirt and tank top was perfect for hanging out in Midtown Miami.  What did you guys do this weekend?


  1. Rallydfashionfanatic

    Simple and Stunning, I love the necklace with the skirt…;)

  2. Robin Halvorson

    Love the pretty skirt and necklace!

  3. The Chic SAHM

    Te color of that skirt is gorgeous! Perfect for summer!

  4. Loving this casual chic look– that skirt is really cute and that statement necklace is fabulous.


  5. Ashley Lorraine

    Cute outfit!! Love that skirt and necklace 🙂 


  6. Gorgeouspuddin

    I really love the ease of this outfit. The colors are amazing and you look gorgeous! WERK! lol

  7. Fredetta

    love the skirt and necklace! the color is so pretty!

  8. LA Lynn's

    I love this color on you and that necklace is HAUTE!

  9. So pretty! I love the close up, of course.  Always like to see the beautiful faces of my bloggy friends. hehe!

  10. Kerissa Blue

    This made me think about the skirt I purchased from Target that you didn't like…shrugs and giggles 🙂 You look so summery and cute. Pastels are my fav. Moms dressed all 4 of us in them relentlessly (did I use that word right?). Folks sleep on Payless but not I. I'm up for a Zara run soon. 

  11. mstennis27

    This is a great outfit.  I put one together for a summer barbecue I went to. Thanks for posting this. Fab Fab Fab!!

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