Happy Friday! 
I am blessed to say I woke up feeling refreshed this morning.  However, I am deeply saddened by the tragedy
that occurred in Colorado.  Something as
simple as enjoying the opening of a movie has been tainted.  That could have easily been anyone one of us
sitting there relaxing with family or friends. 
My prayers go out to everyone that was involved.
Okay on to today’s post.  I decided to do a remix with this fabulous snake
print dress I purchased from H&M back in May.  I prefer that my clothes play double duty, work
and play.  Sometimes it takes a little
effort to make a perfect after hours outfit work appropriate.  Check out how I remixed this dress three

First up, my work look! When I purchased this dress I thought it would be perfect for work, of course everything looks great in the dressing room, right?  Fast forward two months later…I popped the tags off lil lady yesterday and put it on.  I immediately noticed too much cleavage and a little too much shoulder showing for my personal comfort.  Easy fix, I added a white cami and one of my favorite thrifted blazers.  You guys know I LOVE my blazers and dresses,  together they are always a perfect pairing for me.

 * Blazer – Thrifted * Tank – Love Culture * Dress – H&M * Sandals – Lauren by Ralph Lauren *
For my date night look I ditched the cami and blazer, pinned my hair to one side, added my long chain earrings and pulled out my red clutch for a pop of color.  I must say that changing my hair and adding the clutch gave the dress a very sophisticated and sassy look. 
 * Clutch – Marshalls * Earrings – Charming Charlie * Ring – Forever 21 *
So I was going to stop at two outfits but I figured why not try for a casual look.  Let me just say my BF was totally against this look and said I looked like a thrift store casualty, LOL.  So I told him I would let you guys decide.  I threw on a white v-neck over the dress and knotted the front.  A quick change of my earrings and the addition of flat sandals and this look is perfect for a weekend outing with friends.  So what say you???? Yea on Nay. 
  * V-Neck – Target * Sandals – Target * Earrings – Nikki B Jewelry *
I had so much fun doing this, which look was your favorite?


  1. +PlusSizeSouthernLady

    I love the way you rocked this dress with the three looks!!!

  2. PrettyDarkGirlStyle

    I like all three.. they are each appropriate for the setting you styled them for! Great looks 🙂


  3. All three looks are cute! Date night is my favorite! I love the hair style choice on that one! Your casual look is totally something that I would do. I am cracking up at your BF, because I guess we would both be out there looking like thrift store casualties! LOL!!

  4. This is a great way to showcase the versatility of this gorgeous dress.  Isn't it so sad about the shootings?  I live about 40 minutes from there.  I can hardly believe it!

  5. Rallydfashionfanatic

    Yay to all three looks, you styled the dress well  for each occasion.

  6. I love all three looks, you look great . You have great style. Love it!

  7. Missk Roberts

    Love all three looks!! You look great!

  8. I love them all! Especially the work look. Would have never thought to add a blazer and it would work. But the color tone works. LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  9. I like them all! I think I would've worn the weekend look with the t-shirt unknotted with a wide belt, but either way works! LOL @ thrift casualty!

  10. Fredetta

    the 3rd look is def a yayyy lol! very cute!

  11. Werk it! love all of them! 

    and that Colorado movie incident…It's a shame you can't even feel safe going out to have a nice night your family/friends.  It just seems like people are getting crazier and crazier by the day.  Senseless crime just senseless.  I'm so disgusted and saddened.

  12. I actually like the 3rd outfit the most!! Your post is a great example of how dresses can go from day to night with just a small change of accessories.

  13. Kareemtiheed Williams

    very nice and not over the top sexy!

  14. Ashley Lorraine

    I love all three but my favorite one is the Date Night look 🙂 


  15. Rashidah Ferguson

    You did a great job on this post. I LOVED all the looks, but my least fav was the weekend look.


  16. I almost bought this dress on Saturday….but couldn't figure out how to wear it….it was missing "something."
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Style & Poise

    Hmm…how did I miss this post? Girl I absolutely ADORE that dress and you rocked it so well in all three looks…If i had to choose one, my fav would probably be the casual look with the white tee..only because that's creative…I'd never think to do something like that.


  18. Girrrrrllll…you worked this dress!  You look fabulous!  I love what you did with it! 


  19. Yes ma'am… Show 'em how to get the most outta a dress! Werk it! *Love it*

  20. Kerissa Blue

    Shopping rule think of 3 ways to wear/style it before I purchase and this post confirmed my motto. I enjoyed all the looks but was motivated by #3. I 've got to master pairing  a tee with dressier items. 

  21. Just purchased a pleated dress to wear to a wedding. You've totally given me ideas as to how to wear it afterwards.

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