* Sweater – Oldnavy * Skirt – The Limited * Pumps – Jessica Simpson via DSW * Bracelets – Gifted *
I believe this is the most color I have ever worn to work.  Not very standard for a Monday but it was dark and gloomy when I woke up so I figure why not bring out my own sunshine.  I was also inspired by Ty of Words and Wardrobes when she posted this remix pic of this same sweater on Instagram.  Make sure you guys follow her blog, she does the best clothing remixes and pattern mixing!  
My male co-worker told me yesterday that I wasn’t matching *blank stare*, lol okay.  I would actually agree I am not matching but these color compliment each other and I like it.  He also went on to say I should have on different color shoes, like white or black *blank stare* lol okay.  I just love the males perspective on fashion.   I love when we have these fashion discussions in the office, they always give me a good laugh.
Do you guys wear bright colors to the office or do you keep it toned down?  How do you handle other peoples opinions of your style/clothing?


  1. LOL at not matching comment, I get that a lot from my 3yo, but I told her mixing color is fashion LOL now she put the weirdest combo together and when her sister say that doesn't match she reply mommy say it's FASHION! *insert attitude*

    I do wear bright colors to work, especially on gloomy days like yesterday or when Im having a bad day i'll wear hot pink shoes. Sometimes I'll get blank stare, compliment, or people will come up and tell how brave am I to wear bold colors LOL

  2. cute oufit. and LOL! at the *blank stare*! I hate the idea of "matching"… and I adore complimenting colors. that blue goes with ANYTHING!  I absolutely wear brights to the office. 🙂

  3. As long as the opinion is genuine and without malice, i'm open for discussion. But some can get a little beside themselves. 
    I like how you paired those colors. I just bought my daughter yellow shorts with a blue and white striped tank. She wasn't with it at first but those colors really do compliment each other well. 

  4. The Chic SAHM

    I like those two colors together! Your male co-worker probably has no sense of style, LOL! Guys are a trip!

  5. LOL That IS funny what your co-worker said, but YOU DO LOOK GREAT! Love the sweater! Everything fits you so nicely. 🙂

  6. Notherblessing

    I love this look.  I immediately put together a mental outfit from my closet with this combo in mind. LOL at the blank stare and the coworkers comment.  Catch him on the weekend he'll probably copy-cat.  When I've worn bright colors to work most comment don't you look bright and cheerful or why are you so bright today.  My response is typically somebody got to bring some joy to the atmosphere so why not me.  Keep it rocking I love the look

  7. melissaff

    I love this i will be wearing this soon , after i buy the items lol

  8. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    these colors work perfect together chic chic and fun at the same time

  9. Yoshika Christian

    Hey BLMGirl! *waves*

    Very cute outfit!

  10. Sistergirl

    Great outfit!!! I love the colors,  its my sorority colors and I am always looking for new ideas.

  11. You know, it's interesting that it was your male co-worker because my husband is ALWAYS commenting on how I do not "match." My husband also does not understand the concept of accent colors either. If you are wearing a white blouse, black skirt and red heels, he's confused lol. First of all, I think your outfit is cute and so is the use of color. I personally tend to wear a lot of color and I will wear multiple colors. I think what really pulls together your outfit is the confidence and the way you rock it. It's like how sometimes you will look at a woman wearing something and think "that outfit makes no sense but it looks good on her." You seem like the type of woman who rocks what she's wearing. 

    I try not to focus on negative comments about my style.  I have friends who laugh about some of the stuff I wear and others who really like it. I just try to do what I like and keep it moving. You look great.


  12. Kerissa Blue

    Isn't Ty of W&W wonderful? She's my mommy club friend in my head. Love the look and the colors are superb. 

  13. that's cool! I have a similar post, pushing the boundaries of colours. actually, I am wearing a blue tee and colorful skirt. I love your style, which I can connect with.
    I am a new follower on GFC and Twitter.
    ciao bella!!!
    Ylenia from Longuette

  14. Black or white shoes, with this outfit, he's fooling!
    I love that sweater and I need that skirt!

    I love the colors together myself! 

  15. Yes can't you tell that i'm raping your comment box!! LOL anyways what is up with that coworker dude of yours?  Does he not know when to compliment a lady or say nothing at all? He is such a man! Forgive him for he knows nothing about fashion! I on the other hand love this outfit! The stripes deff compliments the solid blue skirt below along with nude shoes to break it all up!  

    xoxo TY

  16. I love when people "don't match". This is not color by numbers dressing. It's called personal style. He's obviously not ready LOL

  17. love the look totally awesome……one year afta

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