* V-Neck – Zara * Blouse – Thrifted * Knit pants – NY and Co. * Pumps – Call it Spring * Earrings – Forever21 *
HELLO!  I have been completely slack on my outfit posting, but of course
for good reason, I graduated two weeks ago. *Happy Dance*  I didn’t realize that school consumed so much
of my time, but now I have so much time to do WHATEVER.  First things first, I have to get back into my blogging
groove, secondly start working out again, third take a sewing class and lastly
knock of some of my crochet projects I have neglected.  In between all of those things I will be
applying to graduate school and looking for scholarships.  That sounds like a lot but I am happy to stay
busying doing things that I love.
today’s outfit was impromptu, I woke up and threw something on.  Even though it’s starting to warm up here in
Miami lately I have been dressing for my office climate.  I really hate being cold, so I decided to
layer up today.  Plus we have been plagued
afternoon thunderstorms all week.  I am sure this outfit would be
really cute with a pair of Hunter rain boots. 
Maybe this year I will invest in a pair, I say that every year, lol!    
do you guys dress for your office climate or the outside temperature?


  1. Cute love the yellow 🙂 I've been on a yellow hype myself. Man! I don't why they have to crank to AC up so much. Sometimes I look ridiculous with all my layer looking like I'm heading to the north pole LOL. I keep a jacket in he office for days when I dress like a Floridian should lol

  2. Hey there Missy…I believe I said it before but CONGRATS on the graduation!  I love the houndstooth and yellow!  I am a sucker for a black and white print paired with any article of color.  I have a similar blouse and and a similar sweater in orange.  I will recreate! 

     I for both but mostly for the office climate and this is why layering is a must.  I freeze in the office all year round. 


  3. Goodtimegirlari

    Congrats on your graduation honey!  If this is what you call "throwing something on" you are one fierce mama 🙂

  4. I always tell people to dress for the climate and layer! It's easier to remove or add a piece than to bother with changing the thermostat…because with a group of people..no one will be  perfectly happy with the temps. Hearing 10 different people complain about the temp, everyday, almost drove me insane at one point, being that i'm the one in charge of making the adjustments. 
    I love your look today and you are looking very svelte, if I may add! 

  5. So glad to see you back and CONGRATS ON GRADUATING!!!!  That is such awesome news!  I remember graduating college and randomly freaking out waking up in the middle of the night thinking I forgot to turn in a paper.  LOL.  Love your houndstooth blouse and great yellow cardigan!  

  6. Congratulations on your graduation….YEAH!
    I usually dress for my office climate; although I keep a sweater at the office and I have a space heater. (Me hates being cold!)
    Cute outfit. I like the sweater/blouse combination.

  7. Congrats on your graduation girl! That is an accomplishment. As for the outfit, love it. Esp the blouse. I dress for the outside temp AND the office. Layering is key, but you don't need me to tell you that right. Love the little doggie in the background. Looks like a cute Yorkie. I've recently gotten into thrifting and love it. 

  8. I love the hounds tooth shirt! And you put this look together very well. I love pairing yellow with black and white. Congrats again on graduation!

  9. Congrats on graduating!! 🙂 love this look, esp the gingham peeking from under your top! Enjoy your downtime because grad school is hectic lol


  10. Whitney James

    great outfit! the yellow and houndstooth are a great combo! i tend to dress for the weather—but i always have my sweater at work bc it gets a bit chilly sometimes. lol.


  11. As always, you look fabulous! Love the cardi and the colors. Not bad for an impromptu look. Ok how bout out of all the times I've visited your blog, I never knew your name was Shea.. Well now I know and thanks for stopping by!

  12. Really cute outfit. I always make sure to bring a cardi with me to work. It's usually freezing in the office.

    Oh I see your cute doggie in the last pic. So much like my Levi!

  13. I love that sweater with the black and white blouse.  Too cute!

    I always dress for the office even though it's always hot outside (I'm in WPB).  During the summer I wear short sleeve or sleeveless tops and pack my blazer or cardi in the car.  I throw it on when I get to work so I don't melt on the way to work! LOL

  14. Congrats on graduating!!!! What were you studying? Love your outfit and your pup is too cute! 🙂

  15.  I know what you mean about the complaints, I am a property manager and we control the AC for the entire building.  It becomes a little aggravating when everyone wants it to be set so they are comfortable.  Our thermostats stay between 72 -74 degrees no exceptions unless its a special circumstance.

  16.  Thank you! We don't allow heaters in my building, but I hear people still sneak them in.   I always find out about them because they trip the breakers, lol.

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