* Dress – The Limited * Belt – Target * Pumps – Kohl’s * 

I am in love with The Limited, and not
because of their clothes but because of their awesome customer service.  I
purchased these pants online from them and they
arrived yesterday with a stain.  No big deal but I figured I would go to
the store and exchange them.  Nelson, the manager of the Aventura store
greeted me as soon as I walked in and asked if I needed help.  I explained
the situation and he informed me they didn’t have that particular pant
in-stock.  I decided to look around to see if I wanted anything else; the
only thing that caught my eye was the dress I am wearing in the pics above. 
I could have just returned the pants and ordered another pair but I am too
impatient for all that, lol.  Nelson ended up giving me an additional 15%
off the pants and also allowed me to use my 15% student discount on top of the
30% I already had for the sale The Limited is currently running on pants. 
In the end I ended up paying $26.05 for the pants which were originally
$74.90.  In addition to all that the young lady that checked me out
steamed the stain out for me!  

I don’t know about you guys
but good customer service is hard to come by these days and I really
appreciated Nelson and his staff taking good care of me yesterday.  So
after all those discounts I ended up with a store credit.  I decided to scoop up this dress from the
clearance rack.  The Limited definitely
has a lifetime customer in me, oh and these
pants are the business, expect to see a review on them as soon as I have the hem taken out.



  1. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    so springy and beautiful you be working those dresses honey!

  2. Now that is hard to come by!  I've experienced the same at the Limited.  Hooray for you because this dress looks absolutely stunning on you.  I love this color! 

  3. Chic! This dress looks lovely on you. The color is amazing on you.

    Great customer service is always great. It makes you want to go back when you are treated well.  It sometimes determines rather I will continue to shop at acertain store. 

  4. I am impatient also. If I buy something I want it now…. LOL I totally agree about good customer service these days. Reading your post, I was excited for you because I've experienced situations where some sales associates act like I'm bothering them by being in the store, but it feels good to have a great shopping expereince.  You look great in that dress btw *__*

  5. Kiana Barnes

    this looks awesome, love the color 🙂


  6. Theprissyshopper

    Perfect and that is definitely a Prissy deal !!!


  7. wandesworld

    girl this outfit is bomb.com. you look fabulous sweetie xxx 

  8. aww pretty in pink/coral! love it!  (i feel funny about saying I love every outfit but its the truth! lol) 

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