* Vest – Gap/DIY * Dress – Ross * Sandals – Payless * Purse – LV Speedy 35 * Bracelets – Gifted * 
* Earrings – Bijuju.com *

Yesterday I rocked my
fro!  I must say I loved it; my hair was big and all over the place. I am
thinking about straightening it for my 1 year natural hair anniversary in
June.  I am not sure how long it would last, Florida’s summers are
serious!  I actually wore my hair out for a video I did with Ashley and
India did for Ily Beauty
Co.  I figured if I was going to talk about hair I mind as well wear
my own.  

The second star of the day
was my maxi dress! I was just telling Kerrisa I need
more maxi dresses, she owns 20+, I think I have about 5 at the most. The length
on this one is PERFECT, and for $9.99 I wasn’t about the leave this baby. 
I need to go back to Ross and hunt down a few more maxi dresses.

Its Monday so you know my
hair tucked away under my lace front for the week.  I am curious to know
if your work environment is receptive to natural hair or is it taboo?


  1. StylePoise

    You look fab darling. That dress is gorge and fits you perfectly! Love how you paired it with cropped denim vest! Super cute!


  2. First of all, you look amazing. Yes go back to Ross and get many many more maxi dresses!!!!

    Secondly, When it comes to natural hair, if you don't make it a big deal then it won't be one. White folks don't care how you wear your hair, it's Black folks who will have a problem with it. I have been natural since 2000 and I only had a problem when I had a Black female for a boss. She had to get over it. I got a note from a doctor saying that perms were detrimental to my health. I can get you one too if you need it. What was very interesting though, was i had a religious conversion which came along with a head covering requirement. That was TOTALLY dramatic, but the law says it can't be a problem for the job so…….

  3. I am in love with your hair!!!!! And, I can't believe that dress was only 9.99!

    I think ppl are becoming more accepting to natural hair in the workplace – so I say go for it. Plus,  if I had a head of hair like yours i'd be rocking my fro 24/7.


  4. Vanessa Paul

    Oh, I didn't even know you were natural. Very different and springy look. Rock it gurl.

  5. You know I love your hair!! Its so thick and full. You rocked it well. Love your Maxi 🙂


  6. Note to self: stop by Ross to look for maxi dresses 🙂
    you hair looks amazing! Congratulations on your 1year aniversary! my nautural hair aniversary is coming up in may, I even bought a flat iron to straighten but im scared of the humidity here.
    I do wear mu natural to work, they dont seem to care… I stop wearing the fro cause by the end of the week its too tangle, now I wear it in cute pin updo that last me all week. I wear it out on week end and special occasion lol

  7. I love your hair and that dress! You should experiment with braid out/twist out. I'm still trying to figure natural hair perception at my job, I think I automatically assumed that they wouldn't be receptive so I stuck to my buns and braids. However today I wore my hair out but in a flat twist out (super curly) and all the men are doing a double take LOL. It's actually amusing because its mainly the white men coming up to me saying "i love your hair". There is definitely an ways to style natural hair in a work environment without feeling self conscious or raising eyebrows.

  8. Oh my Gosh…that dress is ADORABLE! Perfect with the jean jacket. You give me soooo many ideas!

  9. love the hair and the dress my fellow bajan beauty.
    i work from home currently and it doesnt matter.
    prior workplaces – i would say no; it depends on the individual and how you carry yourself and if you are well respected.

  10. That fro is fierce! I love it even more than when you posted the pics on Twitter! Keep rockin it as often as you can….it is so you!

  11. PrettyDarkGirlStyle

    I LOVE THIS LOOK.. you look great with your Big hair.. Gone girl 🙂 I'm loving that maxi.. didn't see that one at Ross LOL, but it is a perfect fit on you..


  12. You look great, big hair and all!!    Wait that's how long your hair has grown after a year!!    Sometimes I feel my hair isn't growing at all and I get sooooo frustrated!!!  I cut it like twice since going natural over a year ago but I haven't cut it in about 4months and I don't think it's any longer today than it was 3 months ago.  🙁  I'm getting it blown out this weekend because it's time for a trim so hopefully it will be longer than I think it is.  :-/

    Now with Ross, if they have nothing else they have cute maxi dresses!!

    Carsedra of:



  13. Alexaa85

    your shape is everything!!!!! It makes the dresses you rock..loves it!!

  14. I am soooo in love with this maxi…and $9.99; I need to get to Ross myself! Pefect from head to toe. You wear the 'Big Hair' well!

  15. That Angel Girl

    That's a year's worth of growth?! Oh my goodness, you have AMAZING hair!
    Stunning, as always.

  16. MyChicStyle

    Love the dress!  The colors are very vibrant.  

  17. You are all kinds of FIERCE with your hair!! Love, love, love it!!! The maxi is super cute!

  18. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    OMG Yesssssssssssssssssss honey do it!!!

  19. Great hair+great dress= fabulous

    I am natural but I wear my hair in a bun b/c I have soooo much hair.  I usually wear it out on the weekend after a wash in a twist out.  I am a teacher so my 5th graders are very fashion forward. lol  The staff is a different story, but I am sure it would be acceptable.

  20. Michellethiongane

    I see Diana Ross. That hair is great. You should wear it out more often! And that dress. Oh GOD! How Imiss Ross and their dress rack. I got almost all of my fav maxi dresses from there for $ 9.99 or less. In Japan you have to be extremily lucky at thrift stores or hit it at H&M sales to get maxi dresses for that price!

  21. Tiffany Shipman

    omggggg!!! im sooo loving that maxi!!! i was just in Ross and I didnt see that one.. u rocked it will…. FABOLOUS!!

  22. Styleagent909

    Your maxi and natural hair are fabulous. The whole look has a certain vibe to it. I think my work place would be receptive to natural hair, but since moving to Virginia, I've made the decision to keep my braids in for awhile becaue the summer here are so humid. I just don't have the energy to fight with my hair.

  23. I agree with the person who said that the biggest issues come from other black people… family, friends and Co workers for me. Ive not received one "side ways" glance from anyone other than a black person. Ill be glad when more of us accept our hair they way that it is.

    As for your look, you rock!!!

  24. Crystal Johnson

    Loving the entire look! I'm a teacher so having natural at my school is not an issue even when I wear it all out in it's glory. 

  25. Kish Channette

    You look amazing from toe to 'fro!  😉

  26. yes, yes, yes…loving the maxi (and the puppy)…and i love your hair!!! 

  27. Taylor Tinaka

    I love the whole look the dress the hair everything… ive been natural for 3 yrs and my fro looks nothing like that

  28. First of  your hair is AMAZING! So thick and healthy. No natural hair is not really accepted at my office when its afroish I have to keep it twisted, pinned, braid out stuff like that so its not so big. I used to have a bigger problem before the company changed management but its a little better I guess.

  29. Love your hair, cant believe you've been hidden it all this time… more hair out days please.
    Love that maxxi on you also.. 

  30. Kerissa Blue

    You know I love the fro. I'm looking forward to BIG hair. This week marked my 6 month grow out hairversary. I almost fell out of my work chair when I saw the mention in this post. I was just saying last night I want to get rid of some maxi dresses and begin again this summer. I did find a cute convertible skirt that's similar. Preparing a post for today. Stay tuned. 

  31. Naazma2006

    love the dress, almost bought the same one…here in Cali

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