This past Saturday I attended the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Leadership Breakfast.  The basis of the breakfast was Link, Leverage, Lead; Link professional women, leverage your network and lead other women.  I had a great time and the information was plentiful.  Of course I took plenty of notes to share with you guys!  First things first…the outfits!

 * Dress – TJMaxx * Belt – Forever 21 * Pumps – Jessica Simpson * Bracelets – H&M * Clutch – DSW *

I love these ladies, definitely a great group of women to have in my circle.
L to R: Chanell, Dionne, Iris, Ashley, Moi, April
Dress twins!  I loved Iris’s color combo of peach and gold.  I will be recreating this look! Her dress is from Forever 21, less than $20!
Yep, my eyes are closed but Ashley looks marvelous.  Her dress is amazing, of course I ordered one as soon as I got home, lol.  I need spring time stripes in my life! 

Here are a few takeaways from the panel discussion:
challenges that women leaders face
?  Deciding to be successful and
developing and implementing a strategy.  Being clear on values and
operating on your value base.  Being aware of your environment and the
politics of your environment. 

Difference between a mentor and a sponsor?  A mentor is someone you can identify with.  Someone who has the ability to teach you on a daily basis.   A mentor knows the culture of the business and unwritten rules.  A sponsor is someone who helps you get in the door.  They give you a voice when you don’t have one.  A sponsor may not look like you and not come from your background but they will have the money and power. 
What aspects of a woman’s life develops her leadership potential?  Church involvement, organized sports, school clubs and organizations, and parenting.  
What forms of support would you like to see in the workplace to help women develop?
Generational diversity training, emotional intelligence training, mentors that inform you about the lingo and unwritten rules, understanding crucial conversations.  Most of all learning to TURN YOUR SWAG SWITCH ON!
I learned so much and I definitely know how important it is to toot your own horn and never be modest about what you have accomplished. 


  1. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    honey you are the queen of dresses I love this look  so fab!!!

  2. You are working this.  I love how the belt gave the look a little edge. Thanks for the sharing the key points of the discussion.


  3. You look great; You all look great! Women with a Purpose! I love how you styled the dress with that belt – FAB…
    Interesting takeaways….'Difference between a mentor and sponsor" –Got it!

  4. LA Lynn's

    You are werrrkin’ that RED DRESS!!!! Seem like a great panel discussion… Your bullet points were very helpful make me feel like I was there! *Thanks

  5. You all look lovely!! I really need to attend one of their seminars, thank you for posting those points. I have been thinking, as of late, that I would like to have a mentor to communicate with as I progress in my career. I'm in the door but it'd be nice to have that person that knows the little ins and outs and can relate to me.
    Great Post

  6. Jadie Yamil

    Super Amazing and what a great cause!! Everyone looks amazing! That belt looks great!!!!

  7. Don't we look Fab!! Great event and I'm going to apply what I learned in my everyday life.


  8. Whitney James

    you ALL look wonderful! what a great thing to be surrounded by intelligent and uplifting Black women. i love it and this post is so inspiring 🙂


  9. Monet Xminis

    – Yuh ladies look beautiful and classy !

  10. Love, Love, LOVE your dress. That is gorgeous!

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