*Clears throat and taps mic*  I AM ALMOST DONE WITH SCHOOL!  I was so busy last week with finals, I didn’t have time for anything but I did manage to take a few pics.  If you follow me on instagram (CurveeBeauty) you have already seen these:
Throw Back Thursdays – my relaxed hair while I was transitioning.  I can’t wait until I am able to whip my hair back forth again.
New shoes – Apt 9 Peep Toe Platform
Late night studying – Fundamentals of Taxation
My professor emailed me my grade last night, I got a 91 in the class! 
C.Michelles Mix N Mingle
My outfit for the Mix N Mingle, more pics to come!
NY and Co. peplum top and Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings
A glass of Moscato with my dinner on Saturday, I deserved it.
Long hair don’t care, almost 24 months post relaxer!
Veggie Lasagna my mommy made for me!
I will be back to regular posting this week.  I have one more final tonight and I am done! My celebration dinner has been planned, my graduation outfit and shoes have been purchased, my mom arrived Saturday and my cap and gown has been picked up.  I can relax just a little before the rest of my family arrives on Friday.


  1. LA Lynn's

    *Throws Confetti* Congrats on all your movements!!!! Love the FRO! Maybe I will conquer up enough nerves to ROCK mine. Enjoy your Mom while she’s there!!!!
    BTW, loving the shoes from Kohl’s!!!!

  2.  Thank you Lynn, you are so sweet! I am enjoying my mom, lol.  I have her to myself for two weeks!!!

  3. Love your hair! You're beautiful! I am following you on Instagram! Blessings on your last final!

  4. Monet Xminis

    –  I am LOVING yuhr hair. I'm only a mere 5 months post relaxer. I have a waayyyysssss to go! Congratulations on all of yuhr success. Yuh earned it so be proud!

  5. Kellie Roberts

    Ok, I am excited like I know you for real! LOL! Congrats to you!! 
    And I cannot wait until my hair reaches your length!Enjoy your moment, 

  6. Kurly Mommy

    Congratulations!!!!! Love those shoes, and your hair looks really healthy

  7. Does the ' Woot Woot Get it Get it Dance ' for you finishing school!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I know your mommy is so proud of YOU!!!

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