I am finally graduating this spring.  I am so excited, for one my family and friends are coming to celebrate with me and two my mom is staying two weeks.  She also agreed to let me dress her for my graduation, (yikes).  My mom does not dress up at all so I can’t wait to see what she actually agrees to wear.  I am thinking a nice wrap dress and cute flats, can’t go wrong with that. 
Me on the other hand I plan on turning it out the entire weekend, right now I am mostly focused on my graduation dress.  I am sure my school will have some rules on what we can and can’t wear but for now these have caught my eye:

All the dresses pictured are from Dorothy Perkins

The first two are my absolute favorite, I can have two dresses right? Yea I can, it’s my day so I am allowed to be a little extra if I want to, lol.


  1. Oooo  these are so pretty.  I like the white and black dress and the striped dress.  Congrats on your graduation


  2. Cute dresses. I prob wont know what I'm wearing to your graduation til the day of lol. SOOoo Excited!!!


  3. ThePrissyShopper

    The multi-colored dress with the pink belt! #absolutelygorgeous

  4. Serenity

    It is tradition to wear white. Tradition. Make sure your shoes are the same color as your robe and wear neutral hose if you chose to wear hose. 
    It looks better in the pictures that way. The shoes should not be new but broken in and comfortable to walk in. You don't want new shoes that bind your toes while your waiting to walk across the stage. You might trip. These things are often taped and you will be nervous enough. You really don't want strangers laughing at you in years to come. Trust me on this. I have had 3 graduations and the last one I finally got right. The other 2 are just plain embarrassing. Maybe that's why I kept going to school. To get graduation right.

    Congratulations and enjoy your day!!!!

  5. Rashidah

    I want to buy the sheer polka dot dress. where is that from?

  6. StylePoise

    Congrats lady!!!! Lovely dresses, number two and three are my fav's 🙂 But I'm sure you'll look fab in any of these dresses!

  7. I love all of them! The 1st and 3rd are my faves! Congrats on your graduation!


  8. Love the dresses, I to will be graduating this Spring and I haven't even thought about what I'm going to wear.  Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Jadieyamil

    I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The colorful is super cute!!!!!

  10. I adore the first two as well, however, I can definitely see you in the third! 

    Congratulations by the way!

  11. I think you can rock any of them, but the 1st and the 3rd dresses are gorgeous!! 

    With graduations they sometimes ask that you wear a certain color shoe, but with your dress since it will be under your robe I don't believe it matters.  I know when my sister graduated from college she wore whatever she wanted under her robe I think they just had to wear black shoes.  But all colleges aren't the same!

    Congrats Gurl!!

    Carsedra of:



  12. I like the multi colored stripe dress,very chic!! And congrats on your upcoming graduation 🙂

  13. T. Angie ಠ_ಠ

    ALL the dresses are LOVELY…you have a great style eye.  If I had to pick ONLY ONE, I would have go with ThePrissyShopper on the stripes and the pink belt.  It is so fun & free and on graduation day, this is how I hope you will feel!  Congratulations!

  14. Vanessa Paul

    I am in love with all of them. I'm also graduating this spring so this is a great post. Where are all these dresses found?

  15. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    wow love them all specially the 4th one great choices

  16. Buy them all and we'll find someplace to wear them (: I can't wait and hope I'm available to support you dear friend. You've worked hard. So very proud!!! Dorothy Perkins is baaddddd, ha haaa.

  17. Kimberly Dixon

    I love the first and the third dress.

  18. Whateverismarveloustoday

    I'm absolutely in love with the first and third. That's so exciting that you are graduating! And I think that wrap dresses are a mother's best friend, haha 🙂
    Lovely blog, Hope you can decide on a dress, or maybe two 😉


  19. no 3…. is my favourite.. that will look amazing on you.  2nd choice for  me is no 1

  20. Whitney James

    you can have them all! its all about YOU!! so happy for you…congrats!!


    ps i love the 3rd and 4th 😉

  21. Missk Roberts

    Yay for you!!
    Number one is a must, then number 3, then number two as a runner up! But i'm with Whitney James, it's all about you, go all out!!

  22. YAY! YAY! YAY! Congrats!!  You will look wonderful in whichever you choose! I love the 3rd one. 🙂

  23. Love the lace black dress, I call it the Adele dress. But I think the striped one is my fav. I am in love with stripes and pink. Whatever you decide to wear, I am sure you will look fabulous. Congrats on the graduation..Learning is not easy…

  24. Miss Rockwell

    OK so every last one of these dresses are gorgeous. But I must say that my absolute fave is the first one. I think you will look super stunning in that one!! 

  25. Elaguerre27

     Hello, first I would like to day you have amazing style and its so effortless! You are also very beautiful. Im new to your blog and discovered it on face book. My friend and fellow deltasig brother is Dekisha Gordon who just hosted the event Mix-n-Mingle you were a part of this past Thursday is where I discovered your blog.  I heard it was a great event, proud of all you beautiful ladies doing productive work.  I am also graduating this spring May 4th, Whoop-whoop! So excited. I love all the dresses but I must say the 3rd dress is my favorite.  Enjoy and congrats!

  26. Would you mind me asking where you find that first dress? I love the stripe one as well and the classic black lace is stunning and you would wear over and over again.

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