I had an accidental shopping trip today to Ross.  I wandered into the store after picking up a new SD card from Radio Shack.  As soon and I walked in the door I saw nothing but floral dresses everywhere.  Since the store was fairly empty I took my time and went through the racks and picked out a few dresses.  Check out what caught my eye:
I loved the fit of this dress, and the ruching detail on the front and back.  I wish the straps were made differently.  Actually, this dress would be so hot if it were strapless.
On the hanger I loved this dress, not so much when I actually put it on.  The front pockets puffed up too much and stuck out on the sides.  
Not necessarily a traditional floral print, this dress has smaller circular flowers making up the overall pattern.  I love the pattern and the hot pink belt is perfection! This lil mama came home with me.

I knew I was buying this dress before I even put it on.  I fell in love with the traditional silhouette, the front pleats, the hidden pockets and the print and color is beautiful! 

As you guys can see you don’t have to spend a ton of money to stay on trend if that’s what you are into.  Save your hard earned cash for the timeless pieces you will have for years to come.  Next on my list: floral pants, and a floral pencil skirt. Who else will be rocking florals this spring?


  1. Very nice finds and prices. My favorite on you,  is the first one, it is very flattering on your figure. I purchased the 3rd one last spring. I wish I had gotten it that cheap! Lucky 🙂

  2. You look great! I really like the black and white. lol I have a slight aversion to florals, but I like to stay on trend so I'm looking for something muted. 🙂

  3. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    loveeeeee 1&4 they look great on you!!

  4. 3kids1036

    That last dress look fab on you. I will be making a ton of floral dresses!!! I just made my daughter one tonight similar to the middle one but it doesn't have pockets lol

  5. I love the last two dresses!!!! I was just in Ross tonight…they didn't have anything. I will be venturing to another location soon.

  6. PrettyDarkGirlStyle

    Love the first and last dresses!! They all look fab on you thou, I'm def into the floral Trent, been hunting for floral denim and a pencil skirt is next on the list! H&M has some great floral pieces, just discovered Ross and I love it!

  7. Dresses with hidden pockets are my weekness!  Nice picks.  I said that along with color, I was going to get into florals but I haven't made the plunge yet.  I'm inspired! 😉

  8. All of those numbers look great on you. I hope to find some trendy floral pieces for the spring/summer. I'd love to find something with pockets as well. You look swell.

  9. Whitney James

    i love them ALL to be honest, lol! i plan to rock a lot of florals this season too! you look great—ross is always a hit for me too!


    ps the belted dress may be my fave tho, lol 😉

  10. All the dresses fit you nicely but my absolute favorite is the last one 🙂


  11. That last dress is the bomb!! I just love it so much! You are rocking all of them so well. Don't you just love spring!! Kiah

  12. Ibleedpink

    I was just at Ross this weekend and didn't see anything as cute as what you picked out.  I am mad at our Texas Ross!!

  13. Goodtimegirlari

    *raises hand* ME!  I am definitely rocking florals this spring.. The price point has to be right tho!  Cute dresses.

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE the floral dresses.  They all look amazing on you lady! 

  15. I'm a long time follower/lurker, but I just wanted to let you know that I love your style. You always look effortlessly chic and age-appropriate. You're one of my faves to get idea outfits from! Keep rocking it, lady!

  16. Tracy H.

    Agreed. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!! Can't believe this was out here all the time and I didn't know about it. You seem like a really cool chick. Someone that it would be awesome to be friends with.

  17. My goddaughter's mom called me last night and said I should go to Ross. After seeing the last dress I just might swing by. You are right dressing for less is certainly in!

  18. Sonia Dickinson

    I LOVE the last dress!!! Very cute…. It has a very retro feel….

  19. floral print dress

     Glad you bought this last dress!  It is so pretty on you!

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