I finally decided to wear one of the dresses I purchased from my spring
florals post.  I was so torn this morning
trying to decide which belt to wear with it; I changed from yellow, to red,
back to pink.  I am still thinking the
red looked better but of course I was running late so I stuck with the pink.  I love the pattern of this dress and I can’t
wait to remix with a bright colored blazer or cardigan.  And speaking of florals I nabbed a really
cute floral blazer on eBay! I also found a pleated floral skirt too, still no
luck with the floral pencil skirt but I am thinking about making one using Mimi’s
tutorial.  I have already ordered fabric
to make a striped version of her skirt. Make sure you guys check out Mimi’s
blog, her sewing skills are amazing and her style is impeccable.  I always look forward to her daily outfit posts!  
I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this to you guys but I have
dreams of making my own clothes one day. 
I was gifted a fabulous sewing machine two years ago, and I have yet to
make a thing. I even made a little sewing nook in my apartment, but real life
took over and I didn’t have the extra time to dedicate to my new hobby.  I am really looking forward to diving back
into sewing once I graduate, maybe even take a few classes.


  1. PrettyDarkGirlStyle

    You look beautiful.. are you slimming down too chica?? Any color belt would have looked awesome with this dress, but I think Pink is def a great pop of color.


  2. I think that the pink works splendidly!  You look very beautiful in this dress!  Very flattering on you!

  3. StylePoise

    The pop of pink is the perfet little touch to this printed dress!


  4. Awwww You look amazing! Your hair looks cute 🙂 And I LOVEE Mimi's Blog!!! She is amazing. I told her that she needs to start selling some of that stuff!! lol


  5. Kellie Roberts

    You look great! Love the pop of pink!

  6. Erika T aka Diva

    This dress cute and chic! I think it would have looked good with either color belt! And you definitely can 'remix' it lots of ways. I can't wait!

  7. This looks great! Mimi's blog is fantastic, all of her outfits looks as if they cost a fortune, she makes me wanna pick up a needle & thread lol.
    great post.


  8. Styleagent909

     I like that your dresses are never too long or too short, always just the right length! I checked out Mimi's blog. Wow! She makes me want to start sewing again. I have a machine but use it mostly for alterations. Hmmm maybe this weekend….

  9. Cute! And you could have worn either one of those belts on the black and white print and it would have looked great. I have purchased way too many black and white dresses for the Spring, but I love how they look with yellow, red, blue, and green accessories!

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