Dr. April Patterson aka Dr. Patty

Can you imagine visiting a dentist office that feels like a day spa?  Last
night I had the opportunity to visit Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique,
one word AMAZING! I must admit I wasn’t sure what to expect and had no idea
what a dental boutique was, but I was blown away with the decor and ambiance as
soon as I walked through the door.  Dr. Patty not only specializes in
cosmetic and general dentistry you can also take advantage of her spa services
such as lash extensions, facials, body waxing, permanent make-up and
facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Patty really is an inspiration for aspiring young professionals,
and is an example of how hard work pays off.  I am glad I had the
opportunity to make her acquaintance.  It is amazing how a brief encounter
with someone can have a profound effect on you.  Experiences like this
definitely keep me motivated to continue my education and push further in my
own career.  

If any of you South Florida ladies are interested in cosmetic/general
dentistry or personalized beauty and spa services check out Dr. Patty at 646 N. Federal Hwy, Fort
Lauderdale, FL 3304.

 Ashley, Dr. Patty, and I

 Marisol Roman of Roman Interior Design, LLC
Responsible for the beautiful interior design work at Dr. Patty’s Boutique, you can take a look at the entire space here.

 Ashley (A Sassy Woman)  and Jillian (NuSophisticate)

 I keep telling Ashley to give me that bag!

Shana, NyKenya and Camille
Shana and NyKenya are the owners of Theirry Accessories


  1. Great post!!! What an amazing night 🙂


  2. SouthFlaCutie

    I am in the Ft. Lauderdale area and need to start hanging with y'all…lol! Looks like everyone had a great time.

  3. She Got Game Media

    Very Nice piece Bajan Beauty, Glad your crew made it out. You Got Game!
    -SheGotGame Media

  4. Dr. Patty

    Miss Bajan Beauty! It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance! This is such a beautiful article. Thank you for coming by to check out the Dental Boutique. You and your girlfriends are gorgeous, both inside and out, and I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves. 
    Dr. Patty

  5. Edward Welch

    Your dental boutique looks so chic. I bet you guys offer high-quality dental services, your smiles are all wonderful and your teeth are pearly white.

     dentist in marietta

  6. Anne Drew

    The idea of integrating a boutique and a dental clinic is so awesome. You girls obviously look so good and chic. Your pearly white healthy teeth says it all.

     dentist lake forest il

  7. Patrick Odea

    If only the sydney teeth whitening has any of those gorgeous dentists, oh my God, I bet clients will flock in like crazy! Is that really a dental clinic or an underground fashion consultancy firm?

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