* Blazer – Thrifted * Dress – Ann Taylor via eBay *  Sandals – BCBG Generation * Bracelet – Gifted *
* Ring – Forever 21 *
I am seriously drawing a blank today; I have started writing this blog
post at least ten times! I guess I could at least tell you about my outfit
right?  After swooning over this dress on Ann Taylor Loft and missing out
on it because the price wasn’t right for me I found this baby on eBay, new with
tags.  I paid $20 and received free shipping, take that Ann Taylor! I
found my blazer at Red, White and Blue thrift, and we all know it is a no-no to
thrift white clothes.  But this blazer was in amazing condition, I think
it was actually new, I couldn’t leave it.
I changed my hair again; I was really disappointed with the other lace
wig I was wearing.  The shedding was
driving me insane! I couldn’t take it and on top of that it tangled like crazy.
I pulled out old faithful added some hair to her and girlfriend looks good!   
Is anyone in the Miami area attending the It Girl Expo tomorrow or
Thursday?  If so let me know I would love to meet you.   
I also think I will show you guys what I have been purchasing since I have been on my budget, I thought it would be hard to stick to $100 but I have come in under both months so far.
Thank you for reading my randomness today!  


  1. Cute outfit!! I like the dress and heels ALOT!!!! I love both hair styles. See you Thursday mama!

  2. Your hair looks lovely!  Also I am so glad that you found this dress and blazer is great condition and for a great price!  I have thrifted a white blazer and have been very happy with it as well.  Looking lovely lady!

  3. Vanessa Paul

    I really really like it. Oh just an update on the thrifting tips you gave. I am now obsessed with thrifting and I talk about it with everyone and I have found some fabulous damn near new pieces. Anyways, I'm glad you found the dress for 20 dollars, I always refer to eBay if I think the retail price is too high. You look fabulous!


  4. I love the hair, the dress (kinda jealous that you're wearing no sleeves), the shoes…very chic!

  5. Love this dress! I can see why you stalked it! The crisp white blazer adds a nice touch to the look too.

  6. Yourlocalceleb

    Loving the dress with the jacke!t and without! cute!

  7. DWaddell

    Sorry, may be a dumb question, but how do you add hair to a wig?  Also i got my first lace front in themail yesturday.  It is the shorter versions of your saga remi wig.  But I can't get it to look like yours.  Any suggestions you could offer would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  8.  Hey, when you hear of other expos or events in the Miami area post it earlier. I live in Broward and would love to go to things like that…and meet you.

  9. Like the dresz. How was the expo? I quit shopping except accessories. Yeah, hard but necessary. Haven't thrifted in months so I'll work in a day soon.

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