I just wanted to share with you guys a few of my outfits that I had all intentions on posting but for whatever reason I never blogged about them, probably because: I hated the pictures at the time, I only ended up with one good picture out of the twenty-five I took or I LOVED the outfit in person but it didn’t look as lovely in pictures. So here you go…the forgotten ones. 

(The masses have spoken..updated to include clothing descriptions)  

* Faux leather jacket – Forever 21 * Tank – Love Culture * Jeans – Old Navy Rock star Jeggings *
* Sneakers – Retro Jordan Cement 3s * Purse – TJmaxx * 
                * Blazer – H&M * Tank – Love Culture * Pants – Ross * Shoes – MRKT via DSW * 
   * Necklace – Forever21 * Ring – Forever 21 *
 * Cardigan – Zara * Tank – Forever 21 * Wide Leg Trouser – NY&Co. Outlet *
* Bracelets Forever 21 * Rings – Forever 21 *
* Button down shirt – Old Navy * V neck sweater – Forever 21 * Ankle Trousers – Old Navy
* Pumps – Jessica Simpson *

 * Ruffled blouse – Thrifted * Skirt – Target * Slingbacks – Steve Madden *
* Top – NY&Co. * Gold Belt – Target * Skirt – Forever 21 * Pumps – Forever 21 * 
*Ring – Charlotte Russe *

* Blazer – Macys * Tank – Love Culture * Trousers – MJR Sales * Necklace – JcPenney * 
You can purchase these trousers at Victoria Secrets here or search for them on MJR Sales.
 * Safari jacket – Old navy * Scarf – Dots * Necklace – Dots * Tank – Forever 21 * Pants – Ross *


  1. Toni Carr

    Uhmmm… I don't know why you are depriving us of all these gorgeous outfits!! I especially love the cream blazer and red slacks, the pink crop pants (Old Navy Right), I am wearing a similar outfit today :), and you rock a pencil skirt like no other Girl!!  We need to see these looks.. don't hold em back LOL..


  2. First of all…every last one of these outfits are cute!  Classy…even rocking the #3 Jordans!

    Second, I thought I was the only one who goes through this…get dressed to take some photos only to be left on the cutting room floor for whatever reason.  Posting the forgotten ones was a good idea.  Not enough to make a post individually but enough collectively.  *Making mental note to self to do this one day*


  3. Forgotten outfits? Girl they are CUTE! I especially love those pink pants & that white blazer! xx

  4. Dawnya Ivey

    Girl…everything looks good on you.  I don't know what you are talking about.  I love those red trousers!!!  Keep doing you.

  5. SixTwentySeven

    These are so cute! Please go back and do more detailed posts lol… if I have a vote I'd love to know more about the fuchsia/hot pink pants, red pants, and  khaki/orange cardigan looks… in love with those 3!

  6. OMG! What is wrong with you? Why didn't you post any of these? You look fab in each and everyone of them. I especially love the pic of you wearing the red trousers!!! 


  7. I love them all! I think I just love your style overall so I'm bound to like them all but I think my faves are the last three.  I especially love the length of the red slacks and with the white blazer…very nice!

  8. Ashley Walton

    my favorite is the second to last one !! those red pants are too die for !!!!!!!!!! as well as the cream blazer !

  9. I hope you were being modest, if not, yuh fi get a beating!!!  ALL of them are stylish.   I especially love number 7 (Larks, the one with the white top and red bottom…cause sometimes I can't count).  

  10. BarbaraLW

    LOVE the orange sweater/striped shirt combo.  If you ever decide it's taking up too much room in your closet… just let me know! 😉  Love your style!

  11. jade4maureen

    Can't believe these outfits nearly didn't get ever posted.. You look great.. Still dying for the white blazer/red pants combo. fierce!!

  12. All of your outfits are super cute  and stylish! I love the orange sweater too!

  13. The purse in the first pic is EVERYTHING! Brand please! And I love how you styled the red pants with the white blazer….simple, sophisticated, and fabulous!

  14. ThePrissyShopper

    The color combinations in the orange cardigan number are SICK! Love Love Love it all!

  15. Miss Rockwell

    I really don't understand how and why none of these outfits made it-I especially love the red pants and the orange cardigan ones. 

  16. Kimmie J

    I love these outfits especially outfit #3,4,and 7.  

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