Today’s title says it all; this outfit was inspired by the lovely Amber
Rose.  I would have never in a million years thought to recreate any
outfit Amber Rose had worn.  Well let me say this, since she has been
dating Wiz Kalifia I have noticed she has become more demure as it relates to
her outfits.  I guess when you are treated like a lady you carry yourself
as one too.  Either way I am digging the more covered up Amber and I love
some of the stuff I have seen her in.
When I saw this outfit on one of the many gossip blogs I read I immediately pinned
it.  The entire look from head to toe is my style, classic chic!   I wasted no time looking for the perfect skirt and bodysuit.  I
found the skirt via Etsy and the bodysuit came from MJR
Sales which sells discounted famous fashions such as The Limited, Victoria
Secrets, and Chadwick’s.  This particular bodysuit is from Victoria
Secrets.  The shoes are from Bakers which I already owned and the belt
came with a dress I already own.
So let’s tally up the cost to recreate my inspiration look:
Skirt – $20.50 including shipping
Bodysuit – $10.55 including shipping
Pumps – $42.40
Belt – $0.00
Total – $73.45
Not bad at all.  I love the challenge of recreating an outfit for a
fraction of the cost.  It is almost like a sport, well not really but it could be!
If you are an avid thriftier you should check out Etsy it’s a great place to find vintage and handmade items.  It took me about
an hour to find this skirt, only be because I wanted one with pockets and something that wasn’t 100% wool.  MJR sales is another great site, I have
purchased from them twice.  They sell a
lot of Victoria Secret clothing, the items are new with defects or new without
defects.  They do state what the defects
are in the clothing descriptions i.e. snags or markings.  They also cut the tags so you can’t return the
items to the original vendor.  
So what do you think about my inspiration outfit?  


  1. You said you would recreate it and you got right to it. You did a good job and the price was definitely right. Chic!

  2. Love it!!! You nailed it 🙂


  3. Niki Cheapskate

    love this look! i'm going to try and recreate it, too. i'm sure i have everything in my closet

  4. I love this look!! I've been thrifting for the perfect plaid skirt since you posted this pic of Amber Rose on Twitter.

  5. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    wow this is gorgeous I love that skirt it looks amazing on you amber rose looks soo chic and classy compare to her usual craziness. but you look way better than her!!

  6. Jadieyamil


  7. I love so many things about this look.  I love Etsy–it's where I've gotten 90% of my wedding stuff, I swear.  I love your ladylike style here so so so so much.  You look stunning.  I might have to borrow this look, if ya don't mind.  Great job!

  8. PrincessGhee

    Super cute and I think yours is much prettier than Ambers! 

  9. Charlynne Safo

    I love this. I am having a skirt made in this style in a black and grey African print. Now that I see what it looks like on you I cant wait to get mine done…

  10. oh me, oh my! the skirt is gorgeous.  I have a plaid midi length skirt that I haven't worn in a while. I need to break it back out!

    I am going to MJR right now to look for that body suit!

  11. Love, love, love this look from head to toe! This is also very Carolina Herrera! She loves a crisp white shirt with a skirt full of character! You look sophisticated and chic!

  12. Vrdnmartin

    You look absolutely MARVELOUS!!!! I've been looking for a skirt similiar to this for quite sometime, but no luck. I've been stuck in a rut of the same color palette for quite sometime. I really need to add some color to my wardrobe. I'm sort of a consertative, love to be chic , almost 40 year old. Can you give me some ideas on where to gain some inspiration? Oh! yeah and plus I'm sorta new to this, if you respond where do I get the reply?  Sorry forgive me I'm so slow when it comes to this kinda stuff. Take care sorry for the long post.

  13. Grace Chang

    You did such a wonderful job recreating the look!

  14. Whitney James

    you did a GREAT job on this look. one of the best inspired outfits i have seen. i do love the skirt on you too! love it!


  15. LA Lynn's

    Amber style is so EFFORTLESS!!!! I absolutely adore that chic… U NAILED IT!!!! You look sooo classy!!!! I’m also a LOVER of PLAID so this is on point!!!!

  16. I must agree with Rocquelle P  She said my exact thoughts you and your skirt!

     Amber definitely has stepped up her style game and I like it too!

  17. You look amazing! This outfit is right up my alley as well. 


  18. Hi. I've visited your blog a few times. I saw it on "Nine to Fly's" blog roll. Love your style. You did a good job on the recreation! Totally something I would wear too. 

  19. Hi!! I love your outfit!! It's so hard to find nice clothing for curvy girls where I live. Etsy's been a revelation to me hahahah. Could you share with us who sold you that fab skirt?? Thank you!! You have an avid follower in Valparaíso, Chile

  20. Chi-Chi Agu

    you're very pretty and your outfit is really nice. simple and feminine x

    Chi-Chi (LDN,UK)


  21. Very nice girl!  I actually like your skirt better.  I'm glad Amber Rose has found someone to treat her good and "show her the way".  She is just TOO gorgeous not to act like a lady. Nice recreation!

  22. I LOVE the entire outfit! The skirt looks awesome…currently looking for one now. You really recreated Amber's look perfectly!

  23. OMG!!! I feel like a STAN! I wanna comment on like EVERY SINGLE post! I've always been afraid to rock skirts like this for fear of looking to 'matronly' but you have inspired me. You look HOT!

  24.  Thanks Ariel, I loved the outfit too much not to recreate it, lol.  I wish all the inspiration pics I fell in love with were this easy!

  25. Thank you! Etsy is great! Even the handmade items are awesome I will be buying from their again.

  26.  Good ahead and borrow it, not like its really mines, lol.  Etsy is soooo awesome, I want to buy up everything, lol;

  27. Thank you! I remember that skirt and the colors were awesome.  MJR has awesome deals on really good stuff.

  28.  Hey! It's okay you can email me at curvesandconfidence at gmail dot com I will respond with some ideas if you like.

  29. *Waving from Miami*  Here is the sellers link!

  30. Thank you! I think it depends on how you style them but I choose skirts over pants any day, I just love they way they look on me.

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