*Blazer – Express/Thrifted * Tank – Love Culture * Slacks – Baladino * Necklace – Forever 21 * 
* Earrings – Forever 21 * Bracelets – JcPenney & H&M * Pumps – Steve Madden *
Another rainy day in Miami, this gloomy weather does not make for good
outfit pictures, so excuse the darkness of my pictures.  I really wanted to wear something colorful
today but I will save it for a nicer day.
Is it just me or did January fly by; let’s see Valentine’s Day is
coming up and a three day weekend (President’s Day).  February also means my shopping budget starts
over.  I have restricted myself to a
monthly shopping budget of $100; I actually came in at $94 for the month of
January!  I am also working on becoming a
better shopper i.e. trying on everything before I leave the store, returning
items I don’t want promptly, purchasing items I can easily work into my
wardrobe, and not making impulse buys because something is on sale.  I am SO guilty of buying stuff just because
it is on sale.  Let’s see how well I do
for the month of February.
To stay on track I will continue to remix my current clothes, even when
I go out.  For me this means actually
thinking about what I want to wear a couple days prior.  If not I will surely run out and buy
something just because, lol.  I am only
purchasing items unique to my closet, no more repeats!  I also need to rotate my shoes more, I take
the time to put together my outfits but I am so lazy when it comes to picking
out my shoes. 
All those goals are obtainable! Is anyone else working on their
shopping habit?


  1. I'm working on this as well. I think as bloggers we need to show our readers how to remix our clothes. I also like to be inspired by other bloggers/magazines..so if I see somebody wearing an item I have or similar I think of wearing it that way. I also created a list of items on my wish list and have been trying to stick to it.

  2. Great goal! I think I am going to try that as well. I'm already a cheap shopper so I think I can do it lol. And yes this weather has been really nasty these past couple of days. Love that blazer! See you have a real job where you can get fancy each day. I'm in jeans and t-shirt right now lol


  3. NaturallyFashionable

    I love this look…..this is my kind of outfit:-)

  4. Oh girl.  My shopping habit is such a problem.  I am supposed to not be shopping AT ALL, but made an exception yesterday for my birthday.  And a couple of weeks ago.  And a couple of weeks before that.  The sales ALWAYS get me–especially because I thrift.  I think trying things on is a good step to take as well as having a budget–which you do.  Good luck to you!

  5. Francesca

    I had to come out of stalker mode on this post 🙂 YOU know that this is my type of outfit. You can't go wrong with black and grey!  I think my body would go into shock and revolt if I wore anything with color!

  6. Gloomy day but you still look great! you look like you're ready for a corporate takeover! 🙂

    You know, that's a GREAT idea.  I'm going to have to find a reasonable about to restrict myself to for makeup and clothes.  With many of my favor stores having these awesome sales and now that I'm into thrifting that should be relatively easy.  😉  (i'm wearing an awesome thrifted sweater that' I've already worn 3 times since I got it..LOVE IIIT)

  7. Get it girl!!!! Love this sleek look on you!!! 

    I Love your blog and I nominated you for it. Check my blog for further instructions.

  8. Fashionable Memories

    Very professional and sophisticated!!! I love it!! You look great!!!!!! I'm glad to have found your blog since I love reading your posts. If you have a chance, please visit/follow my blog. Your supports will mean the world to me! Thank you so much in advance. Have a great day!

  9. All of your goals sound very attainable.  Shopping has always been more like a hobby for me but here lately it's become more of a problem because I have racks on racks of clothing and for some  reason I always find myself wearing the same couple of items over and over.  I need to get it together….I promised myself that this year I would wear all of the items in my closet at least once. So far so good. 

    BTW: You rocked the HELL out of these seperates honey! FLYNESS at it's best!

  10.  I have a wish list too, it's soooo long! I really had a wake up call when I went through my closet and saw all that stuff I didn't wear or didn't anymore. I love pinterst for inspiration! 

  11.  Lol @ fancy!  So far so good, I just take more time to figure out what I want to wear instead of instantly running out to go buy something.  Hopefully I can keep up the good work.

  12.  You would like this look Fran, lol.  I am gonna need you to be bright and cheery all next week!

  13.  Thank you, that's why I love super long dress pants I can appear taller than I  really am =)

  14. I am a sucker for a sale too, but if I want something, I think about it first.  I have been doing really good at walking away, but it's so hard.  It really seems like no matter how many clothes you have you always are missing something! lol.

  15.  Thanks! I actually did have a meeting with my boss and figured I should look a little professional, lol.

  16. Thank you and I am glad you gave thrifting a try! I can't even imagine put make-up in the mix of all my other obsessions, I would be in the poor house, lol.

  17. DWaddell

    Love the outfit…very professional!!!     I also really love the hair…you look good girl!

  18. When and what store did you buy these slacks.  Tried searching for Baladinos online and could not. 

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