She never cooperates when I try to get her to pose, we need more practice!

* Dress – c/o * Belt- Thrifted * Pumps – Call it Spring * Earrings – *

Well her name really isn’t beauty but I felt very beautiful wearing this dress from  When I was first contacted by them to do a review I decided to try something I wouldn’t normally wear.  I pretty much stay away from patterns and lots of colors, but I took a leap of faith with this one and I am so glad I did.  This dress is beautiful, the fit is perfect and it has pockets!

In its original state this dress would not have been an option for me.  On the eShakti website this dress is shown as tunic length which means it would be a shirt on me, lol.  I feel most comfortable wearing dresses that are knee length or a little longer.  Those lengths work well with my height and frame.  Everything seems to shorten when you have junk in the trunk!  I choose not to go at the entire process of taking all my measurements, which is outlined here.  I ordered one size down from what I normally wear; I put in my bra size, gave my height measurements and selected a longer length.

So would you guys buy a customized dress from a retailer?


  1. Vanessa Paul

    Awesome. The dress is absolutely stunning. Where did you wear it to?

  2. I would totally by a customized dress. The trick is to be well aware of your body type and how clothing looks on your body. This way you know when to adjust dress sizes. I am about to check out the eShakti website to see what they got! You look wonderful as always. Have a great weekend!

  3. Style & Poise

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. That dress is Oh So fab!


  4. This dress is absolutely gorgeous!  I have worked on eShakti before and they just contacted me to do more work with them and I am so glad!  They are a gem to work with and their pieces are beautiful and fit so well.  I even ordered my mother's dress for the wedding with them!  You look so stunning in this dress!  And the puppy is so cute!

  5. Loooooove this dress on you! Can we say PERFECTION!  From head to toe! I may have to order this dress!

  6. Whitney James

    you look lovely! i love the belt as well…so chic!!


  7. Oh to Be a Muse

    i would totally buy a customized dress, especially one with such a pretty pattern like this. eShakti is a great site, and it's so awesome that you were contacted for this. you look good in this pattern & with your awesome bangs! 🙂

    p.s. my dog is the same way!

  8. Yes! this dress most certainly is beautiful! I LOVE IT!  I'm not a big prints and patterns person and I've been on a mission to change that. I'm glad you dared yourself to go off your usual path because this dress looks great on you! I'm going to have to check this site out.

  9. Jeimysfashionloveaffair

    gorgeous dress love the print !!!

  10. Yourlocalceleb

    Alrighty then! You absolutely killed it with this look, the print/cut of the dress and the gold belt are PERFECT. I love the look on you!

  11. Love this look!!!! And AFatGirlsBlues wore it well too!!!

  12. …I said it before, I'll say it again. I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF STYLE. Just to let you know, I think I just found my fashion "BIBLE". Fabulous…..

  13. HAUTE GAL!!! Love this dress. It was made for you darling. 


  14. shalilac

    That friggin dress is gorgeous on you! Shows off every flattering thing about your body… everything LOL. Great post!

  15. I am surprised to read that you shy away from color and prints.  This dress looks fabulous and it's clear to me that you are wearing the dress and not the other way around.  Now that you know that you can rock prints, go for the color next.  

  16. Island Girl

    Totally feeling this dress! You look gorgeous.

  17. BarbaraLW

    What a flattering look!  You are inspiring!!

  18. Oh, and yes! I would totally buy a customized dress…especially at eShakti's prices. They are really affordable for custom clothing!

  19. lynn callaway

    I love this dress.  It looks great on you!!!  The print is great….
    besos, lynn

  20. This dress is amazing!!

    Thanks for following my blog.  Your style is fabulous and, as a girl with her own curves (at least on the lower half, lol) I'm really into your blog.  I'll be following along!!

  21. Nusophisticate

    I am in L-O-V-E. This dress is perfection on you!


  22.  My items finally arrived today after ordering them on march 30th they came april 24th. The guarantee on their website about shipping time is bullshit.

    So my order finally comes im in canada and I had to pay the UPS guy 160$ in brokerage and custom fees.

    When my items came I received 2 of the same dresses and one of my dresses was missing.

    I ended up returning 5 dresses and keeping 3 and it costs me 21$ to mail the dresses back to WA.

    I will never order from this company again.
    The dresses fit well because I custom ordered it but they weren’t amazing fabrics or dresses.

    I am very disapointed in this company.

    however the reviewere looks beautiful

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