Outfit details: Tunic/Thrifted ~ Tank/Love Culture ~ Jeans/Levis Curve ID ~ Sandals/Guess
My white jeans are still getting lots of miles! It is a
beautiful fall day in Miami and since today is my Friday I figured I would throw
them on.  I am generally not a tunic girl
but I found this tunic at
Goodwill for less than $6.00.  I always thought that anything they tied
under the bust would look unflattering but, I am loving the casual chic feel of
this top.  
Tomorrow is Veterans Day and I told you guys in this post I
am a Navy Veteran.  I served from
1999-2003 and those were some of the best years of my life!  I made so many lifelong friends and learned
so many life lessons.  I was sent to
Italy at the age of 18 and had to adjust to being a long way from home really
fast.  Being introverted I am really
resistant to opening up to people I don’t know, but I was welcomed with open
arms. Living and working with the same people everyday it’s hard not to become
family, you really have to learn to trust these people with your lives! All in
all it was a great experience; I traveled to some great places and met some
great people.  Some days I really do miss
Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend! 


  1. Have a very happy Veteran's Day!  You deserve it and thank you so much for serving!  My bf is in the Air Force and so I have really grown an even bigger appreciation for those who serve.

    I love this tunic on you!  What a great score!

  2. SixTwentySeven

    You're inspiring me to wear my white jeans! I haven't worn them in months, but hopefully the next semi-warm Fall day we get in Chicago I can throw them on.

  3. Those jeans look like they fit you like a glove! I feel like I need to try the CurveID line by Levis, and seeing how well these fit you, I may have to give them a shot.  Great tunic find, it's so pretty and flowy!  Thank you for your service to the country, happy Veteran's Day! 

  4. Shanticka Buchanan

    I just want to say thank you & Happy Veterans Day!! Also, your simple black and white looks great!

  5. I love tunics. You got this one for a great price. Happy Veteran's Day.

    Off topic: I'm assuming you have a Barbados connection.  Did you see/hear about Alison Hinds and Matt Lauer in Barbados this morning?  It was too cute.

  6. Happy Veteran's Day! Can you believe I didn't buy any shoes during the Levi sale I wanted to visit thr Levi store but was too lazy. I'm inspired to wear my white GAP jeans with all this beautiful weather.

  7. Don't you just love how chic black and white outfits can be? Love the sheer top, and the pleated details! I haven't worn my white skinnies in so long! I used to kill them, lol but you make me just want to go back to wearing them! 🙂 and i love that ring! xoxo ty

  8. I just bought a sheer shirt and I cant WAIT to wear it! You look great per the usual! 🙂 Black and white always looks great together-you just can't go wrong.  I love it! 

    I dont think I would have ever guessed you were in the Navy!  Pretty cool! Happy belated Veteran's day! 🙂

  9. Thank you! Now your fiance'! Are you ready to be a military wife?! I can give you lots of pointers on not what to do, lol.

  10. Awwww, thank you. And I love these jeans, my curve IDs are my fave jeans both pairs. You should give them a try. 

  11. Don't worry they are always have a sale, I am an online shopper so I know exactly what you mean.

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