The venue was held at The Moore Building in the Miami Design District, a beautiful 4-story venue. 

 The ladies and I, Ashley (A Sassy Woman), India (@ifreeSC) and Me!
Isn’t Ashley’s clutch fab, and I loved India’s earrings and top, cute! 
That jacket had to go, with all the lights and people it was so hot in there. 

 Beautiful handmade bracelets, kinda pricey but the quality was very nice.

 Who rocks, their curves, we do! Another great item.  This vendor also had natural hair tee’s.
 A few of my goodies that I will actually use from my goodie bag, plus the earrings I purchased from

Ms Nicky had great pieces, but dang if she wasn’t selling out of everything, which was great! Between me and the girls we bought 6 pairs of earrings from her.  Her pieces were reasonably priced and unique compared to the other vendors.  Her customer service was amazing, I was happy to support her business, make sure you check her out! 

This lil lady had nothing to do with Shecky’s but we passed the Christian Louboutin store walking to the venue and this beautiful shoe caught my eye! 
All in all I had a great times with the ladies, I expected more based on the website info and reviews I read.  The venue was big but it kinda sucked that we had to either walk up the stairs, (heels, alcohol and stairs are not a good combo) or wait for the elevator.  I was expecting to see all things beauty, makeup, hair, perfumes, etc.  The event mostly contained accessory vendors and a few clothing vendors sprinkled in, selling mostly swimsuits and low quality overpriced clothes.  I was happy we could sip on lots of alcohol samples, but you had to wait in super long lines for the actual mix drinks.  I was able to meet some new people and hand out my blog business cards! Yaay for me being engaging and social, a big thing for me since I am sooooo introverted. 


  1. Looks like you had fun! I wish I would have gone to the one we had here in the A. I was really busy though.

    Oh yeah…you can just hand over that fringe bag too 😉

  2. Yourlocalceleb

    What a great time! those shoes gave me heart palpatations! Nice!

  3. Great post! I can't wait to wear my earrings! I tried on the gold ones and they are kinda heavy and big for my face lol. They may end up being a giveaway or something. Ttyl love.


  4. SixTwentySeven

    I love the buddha bracelets. Very cute. Did they have a website?

  5. Just Daisy

    There's just so much greatness in this post. I absolutely love those handmade bracelets and those earrings you picked up.

    Your fringe back is very chic and I adore the stripes 🙂


  6. Yourcloset

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