* Dress – H&M * Sandals – MRKT via DSW * Necklace – Dots * Bracelets – Forever21 *
First I want to
say thank you for all the Veteran Day love you guys showed me, I really
appreciate it.  I don’t have some great story about my decision to
join the Navy.  I did it to get away from
everyone and gain some independence, and boy did I ever.
I am so glad to get my morning light back! I hate taking pics after work, for me it’s just better to take them when I am “fresh” first thing in the morning and get it out of the way!  I had a great weekend…I ate too much, slept too much and spent too much money, lol.  However I am well rested and woke up in a great mood this morning!
So this dress is a purchase from my last year’s NYC trip, yea that long ago.  I had it in my closet for awhile but it needed to be altered…story of my life.  Any-who, I love the print, the front pleating and it has pockets! The lining inside was way too tight so I cut it along the side seam had my seamstress close up the front to make it work appropriate. It’s supposed to be 82 degrees today, but I have my cropped cardigan just in case the temperature dips. I love Miami winters, the weather is perfect.  
I have also been cleaning out my closet, I usually give everything to Goodwill, but this time I plan to give some things to you guys as a way to say thank you.  I will post details this Wednesday on the Curves and Confidence Closet Clear-out!
I hope everyone has a great Monday! 


  1. RushOurFashion

    This is such a pretty dress! It looks great on you!


  2. Here here on the morning daylight!  I wish I had time to take my photos in the morning!  Your dress looks great on you!

  3. See I am so hating right now!   82, NOT FAIR!! LOL   It's suppose to be in the lower 70's here in Atlanta so that's not bad.  I really really really really, did I say really lol don't like extremely cold or hot weather.  I like it mild and cool, I can do without it being so hot all you want to do is be naked 😡 or so cold you gotta dress like a eskimo!! lol

    The dress is really cute!!!  Love the necklace!!

    Carsedra of:



  4. Stunning! Stunning! Stunning! That dress was meant for you. You look lovely. Can I have that necklace please? lol 


  5. SixTwentySeven

    Closet clear out is a great idea… I have a few pairs of designer jeans that I never wore and other stuff I need to get rid of… but it could easily work for someone else. Love that dress!

  6. A closet clean out and we get goodies #win 🙂

    Love the dress and that necklace!

  7. love this dress! I had an affinity for dresses with pockets or look like they have pockets.  I'm SO jealous you get to wear sandals this time of year…SIGH…guess my feet will live vicariously through yours..LOL!

  8. Thank you Frannie, I make myself get up and take them, lol.  I am sometimes a little late for work. 

  9. Thank you, and those temps don't seem so bad.  I like the occasional cool day so I can break out my cute sweaters and boots.  I am was born in NYC and I can not take that cold anymore! 

  10. I have soooo much, clear indication that I shop way tooo damn much.  At least you guys can reap the benefits of me being a shopaholic, lol.

  11. Dresses or skirts with pockets are great! The pockets just add a lil extra unexpected something.  If I was to get remarried I already decided my dress would have pockets, lol. 

  12. whitecardigan1

    Love your dress and that necklace!  beautiful!

    free standing closet

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