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I know you guys are wondering why this post is called Law and Order…well I had a court hearing today and I wanted to be a little dressy.  However, upon my arrival I noticed that no one really dresses up for court anymore…even the judge was casual under her robe (I saw her outfit before she put her robe on).  Well I have never been one to to do what others do soooooo I was over dressed, lol.  Plus the hearing was with my ex-husband and of course I needed to show him that I am still fine and fancy without him. 
As soon as I saw this top on NY&Co. I knew it would be mines!  However, I am barginista and I was not feeling the price at all so I decided to wait until it went on sale, or wait until I had a coupon.  To my surprise I was able to pick it up at the NY&Co. outlet for 50% off this weekend, score! Good deals make me happy, lol.  I can wait to wear this top again maybe with some cropped pants next time. 
Oh and the judgement went in my favor, such a blessing and weight lifted off of me.


  1. MyFashionConfession

    Love the cut of that top. So flattering! And congrats on a good outcome at your hearing!

  2. oh yeah! never pay full price at NY&Co.  they have too many clearance-like sales on in-season items even in the regular stores!

    You look great!

  3. Well don't you look ravishing!! Love this look. 


  4. Dr. Reginia

    I have had my share of court hearing this year and you're right – no one dresses up for court. I love your outfit. It's so work chic. This reminds me, I need to work on my arms before spring, so I can sport sleeveless with confidence. I'm happy that everything went in your favor.


  5. I am a family law paralegal and an ex-wife, so I am at the Court frequently and I am shocked at how people dress for Court these days.  Some people really have no shame in what they wear to Court.  I actually did a post about it several months ago.  It is a shame.  I think your outfit is perfect for Court and I bet you had your ex kicking himself.  You look great!

  6. Whew for winning! I love the black and white. You look like a killer lawyer but im certain the ex-hubby saw sexy, sophisticated and stylish (wink). The top is gorgeous (:

  7. You look very professional and classy. Perfect for court. So glad that everything worked out in your favor. God is good! Kiah

  8. Very cute! I love NY&Co by the way. I would say about 75% of my wardrobe comes from them. This was a perfect outfit for court. And who cares if no one else dressed up….do you!

  9. That's right girl…show em you fancy!! LOL!  I love everything black and white, and you look great! Glad it all worked out in your favor!

  10. Oh my you look fabulous!!! Love the simplicity of the b&w. But it's still sassy! 🙂

  11. Timmi Of IStyle

    You did a good job with the eyes.  I am just starting to get into the eye shadow application as well.  I like the blazer that you wore to the brunch!

  12. Thank you, IKR, but I wanted this top bad!!!! And it had already sold out online, thank goodness for outlets 🙂  

  13. Thanks Regina, my arms give me trouble sometimes! Occasionally I have problems fitting shirts and blazers, lol. 

  14.  Yes I was kinda surprised but none the less, I was "dressed up" lol.  Thank you and congrats again on your engagement.

  15. They always have great stuff, sometimes a lil pricey but they do have the best sales.  And your right that's why I am always over dressed, lol. 

  16. Khalilah Jones

    I felt the same way about that white peplum ponte top. I HAD to have it. Matter of fact, I had to have the red one AND the white one. Such a classic silhouette. You look haute!



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